Translation help

Hello everyone.

I would like to write my posts in English but my level of English is bad. If I send a translation attempt could someone help correct the grammar? This way I can write my posts in English.

If anyone is interested please let me know.

Keep in mind that I am very active and I will send you a lot of text.

At the moment I’m writing short text.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry if it’s a bit late, but I can help :grinning:

Thanks dyeng01.

The point is that a translation changes the meaning of what I want to say sometimes and believe me, this is a lot of work. That is why I prefer to write in Spanish but I am trying to graph the progress of my airline instead of writing text.

No problem, English is complicated. How do you want to send me text?

No, good friend.

I won’t write in english anymore. The language translators give a decent translation for those who want to read my stories.

Thanks a lot for your interest.

No problem, good luck :slight_smile: