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You should be able to cancel a bid etc if you have bid on a aircraft but don’t want the aircraft you should be able to cancel the bid. I think that on every aircraft model there should be possible to see all operators of the aircraft model in the game and not just the number of aircrafts in service


Yes please

In auctions placing a bid is a commitment to honour that bid and to pay it if you are indeed the highest bidder. Cancelling a bid is hence not done and could also easily be exploited in game.

The second item has been suggested before and might be added I believe at some point, it is just one of those nice to have, but not required items and hence low priority.

One of the most anoyng thing in the game right now is the flight numbers page
I would like to have a button to save all ticket values in one click… Am using flight number prices a lot and save one by one is driving me insane

Been suggested multiple times before, on the look at list just patience and time.

@FlyMaker This flight number page, does it allow you set individual prices per route? And if so, where can I find it? Thx.

Routes > Flight Numbers

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This was a game changer! Thanks!

One of the things you could have is that when you buy, you give a down payment from 10 to 100% and it is also possible to pay in installments according to the classification. I don’t know if it’s also possible but ticket prices fluctuate depending on demand.

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That’s already a thing though you can only go down to 40%. New aircraft only, wouldn’t want to do this to used aircraft otherwise we’d have a spam issue of large airlines taking aircraft.

Installments wouldn’t be a bad option for new aircraft. However I believe it is planned to have a lease to own option so that would cover that.

Demand doesn’t flux too much in this game as stats are updated around once a year. (Though not currently due to the current drop.) For other airlines affecting your demand it is more then fair to manually adjust. This is another anti-spam thing or otherwise again, spam-liners would take advantage.