Suggestion: Flight Delays & Early Departures

I’m suggesting that the game should add flight delays. As in real life, flights don’t depart at the exact departure time.

You could add like departing anywhere from 10 minutes early to 10 minutes late for regular flights.

For heavy flight delays, like 30 minutes, it could affect the next flight.

Also, the flight could be anywhere from 10 minutes faster to 10 minutes slower, with it going faster for delayed flights (but randomized though), and if it departs early, it could go a bit slower (randomized as well)

The flight will also affect future flights, like for example.
JFK-DFW 12am-4am
departs 12:03 am
Lands 3:56 am

If it lands early, it won’t affect any future flights.

If it lands late, the future flight will depart later.
Also add taxi time which can be anywhere from 2-15 minutes.
Possibly shorten down the turnaround time or create “takeoff time” which you depart from gate 5 minutes before to taxi.

For the sake of simplicity, all of this is in Eastern Time

Scheduled at 12 AM.
Scheduled arrival at 4am
Real time: 12:10 AM (taxi time 20 minutes)
Landing at DFW: 4:15 AM
Gate arrival: 4:19AM

Scheduled at 4:40-8:40AM
Real departure: 4:44 AM (taxi time 9 mins)
Landed: 8:37 AM
Gate arrival: 8:41.

This would be really awesome.

While it’s a good idea, as it stands right now, very difficult to code. Routes are scheduled two days in advanced as is and in previous versions it has taken nearly half a day to do just that for the server due to spamliners.

I think this is a good idea, but hard to implement. Also you have to consider a flight being early (as a lot of flights are)

Yes, it would be difficult. Maybe just add 1 or two aspects (minor delays/early departures/landings) that don’t affect the turnaround time.

Yeah as I mentioned early flights don’t affect the time of the next flight (even if it is a flight directly after turnaround)