Small request

Is it possible to add information about the arrival time (or the time of readiness for the next flight after arrival) to the flight planner? It is very difficult to make an itinerary for a day when you do not know when the last flight in the schedule ends. You have to save the route, look at the result (the time of arrival of the last flight) and only then decide to leave it as it is or delete it, and then schedule it again with the addition / deletion of the flight.

Google Translate. Sorry if I didn’t write very clearly.
Here’s a screenshot to make it clear:

Can you put this in our issue tracker as a suggestion so we can look at it. I think it’s a good idea not sure how practical it is. We might be able to find a way to make it so that you can adjust your flight times once you’ve added a plane and it will show immediately instead of having to go out and go back in and edit to reflect changes.

Link is here:

Not possible as at this moment you have not selected the plane that will fly the route and that determines the times.

I wrote there, but I’m not sure I wrote in the correct topic. I did not come across such forms of sending messages.

Yes, I understand that. It would be correct to first select an aircraft, and then create a schedule for it, based on its flight range.
It would also be possible to make it so that you need to select the destination airports in the list (and not, as it is now, by entering the airport code). And only those airports were automatically displayed in the list. for which there are gates and are available by flight range.

Not this game developer, but I highly suspect what you are asking for is actually not a small request, but quite a huge difference in the code. For one thing, logic flow wise, asking for that UI change means more steps & checks are required in the code. The current system is probably much less computational power required, which is why it is implemented as such. (And also why we can’t edit routes and IFEs once we have created them)

The automatic display feature that you are suggesting is basically sending a request to the server to locate that information in the database. If you are doing this multiple times just on your one route, imagine how many others are doing the same thing. It all comes down to what is a necessary load on the server and this is not a necessary feature.

The fact of the matter is this is a free game and the devs are paying for the server hardware out of their own pockets. If you wish to donate the thousands of dollars to help us upgrade then go for it, but until then this is the constraint that we have to live with.