Route Scheduling Error

Tell me, where is the mistake? I’ve been trying to figure it out for two days now.
I create a schedule. Flight times and days of the week do not overlap. But it still says it’s an error.
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You have 1 plane assigned to 2 routes this will cause a conflict and would only be possible if you have only certain days selected and making sure the time tables allow the plane to be in the right place at the right table able to fly.

As Carde says the game does not support functionality like this with different routes operating on different days with one or two different routes per plane like this. One workaround is to schedule each day as a different “route”. Route in the game is kind of a false name because it’s more like itinerary, not route, as it’s the schedule for the plane for a whole day/week. If you do not do it this way, as Carde says, the scheduler will get confused and not know which one to schedule. When this happens, it detects a potential conflict and gives you a warning.

Why can’t the same plane fly every day? Where is the logic?
Specially made one flight for each day. Gives an error message. Flights do not overlap. Why error?
In real life, planes fly every day without any problems. But for some reason it’s not here.
I spent two days already and did not launch a single plane. Spent a lot of money. There is no desire to do anything at all.
I read this thread (Scheduling Routes - #4 by jason5082). Did exactly the same. Can someone explain what else the game needs?

That error says the plane is not at the airport of the route start (LED in this case) make sure the plane is at the departure airport otherwise that selection of routes should work.

Hmm, indeed, while I was compiling and experimenting with routes. He (the plane) managed to fly to one of the cities, the route to which I deleted long ago, and got stuck there.
For some reason, I thought that by canceling the flight, the plane would be at the point of departure.
Tell me, do I understand correctly, here the flights last real time without any acceleration?


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