Realistic Passenger Demand

I don’t know how to really word this, but it seems the passenger demand just isn’t realistic. I’ve noticed this game has a trending loss of users and I think it’s the passenger demand formula. You have people who are trying this game out for the very first time and every time you do a route research, new users are always stuck with showing 0 passengers. It’s like there’s no real opportunity for any new users.

In the real world, when new airlines start up, you always have passengers flying on them. Usually, it’s the pricing of tickets that draws people towards them and their competitive advantage. I’ve even played around with ticket prices and it doesn’t change passenger loads for new users. It seems the current setup has an unfair advantage.


I completely agree; at the very start passenger demand is extremely low and is a problem. At least as problematic is how high passenger demand is once you have progressed to a certain point. My three times a week flight from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Christmas Island (pop. 1402) has a load factor of 77% and a profit of $500,000. I think the solution is to decrease demand at higher reputation and increase demand at lower reputation.

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Yes, that’s a good idea. Although with Route Marketing at max. (400.000$/€) I have noticed that after 4/5 flights demand is gripping and the route is operating profitable, disregarding short- or longhaul. Has anyone else experienced something similiar? :thinking:

i agree since i have the same issue with my airline

@jbooser84 @TheBestWon1 @icegamesHD @alextheaviator When you first start out, not a lot of passengers know your airline, and therefore not many will go on your airline. Did you check your In-Flight Entertainment configurations on your flights?
@jbooser84 I will agree with how this game is hard for new users, but the discord community is very helpful if you ask questions. Also in question, how much are you changing your ticket prices?

small update: I have started a new airline and expanding pretty much