Phoenix Airlines [v2, Closed]


Welcome onboard Phoenix Airlines, China’s best airline. We operate on a hybrid airline scheme that mixes the cheap tickets of no frills airlines with the quality of service provided by so-called “Flag Carriers” of the World. We serve destinations near and far, going out of the way to ensure that we present the best routes to our passengers.

Home Hub
Phoenix Airlines is based in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA), utilising the airport as its main hub, with Haikou and Tianjin being focus cities. The airline serves 8 domestic destinations and 27 international destinations in total.

Destinations Served by the Airline

Mainland China
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (Shanghai, SHA) - Main Hub
Haikou Meilan International Airport (Haikou, HAK) - Secondary Hub
Tianjin Binhai International Airport (Tianjin, TSN) - Secondary Hub
Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (Chongqing, CKG)
Lijiang Sanyi International Airport (Lijiang, LJG)
Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport (Ürümqi, URC)
Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (Xiamen, XMN)
Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (Zhuhai, ZUH)

Sydney Airport (Sydney, SYD)

Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi, DEL)
Dabolim Airport (Goa, GOI)

Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali-Denpasar, DPS)

Fukuoka Airport (Fukuoka, FUK)
Kansai International Airport (Osaka, KIX)

Almaty International Airport (Almaty, ALA)
Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport (Nur-Sultan, NQZ)

Penang International Airport (Penang, PEN)

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila, MNL)

Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport (Moscow, SVO)

Palma de Mallorca Airport (Palma de Mallorca, PMI)

Don Mueang International Airport (Bangkok, DMK)
Hat Yai International Airport (Hat Yai, HDY)

United States of America
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Dallas/Fort Worth, DFW)
Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles, LAX)
San Francisco International Airport (San Francisco, SFO)
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Seattle, SEA)

Nội Bài International Airport (Hanoi, HAN)

Phoenix Airline currently has the following active aircraft:

Airbus A320 series
  • 1 Airbus A319-100
  • 8 Airbus A320-200
  • 1 Airbus A321-200
    Total: 10 aircraft
Airbus A330 series
  • 2 Airbus A330-200
  • 2 Airbus A330-900neo
    Total: 4 aircraft
Boeing 737 series
  • 16 Boeing 737-300
  • 1 Boeing 737-400
  • 6 Boeing 737-500
  • 2 Boeing 737-600
  • 4 Boeing 737-700
  • 15 Boeing 737-800
    Total: 44 aircraft
Boeing 767 series
  • 1 Boeing 767-200
  • 2 Boeing 767-200ER
    Total: 2 aircraft
Boeing 787 series
  • 13 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners
  • 9 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners
    Total: 22 aircraft

Phoenix Airlines kickstarts with 2 long haul routes and 2 regional routes!

Shanghai - Phoenix Airlines begins operations with flights between Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and 4 destinations worldwide, a start which proves to be one of the most explosive beginnings amongst AEn airlines.
Phoenix Airlines’ aim of increasing frequency to big destinations start with a 21x weekly frequency to San Francisco, 7x weekly frequency to Dallas/Fort Worth, becoming the first airline to operate between China and the United States.

China - US Flights
Phoenix Airlines will operate 28x weekly flights from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to United States. Below is the preliminary schedule that was released by the airline, subject to changes.

Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) - Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
7x weekly, on Boeing 787 Dreamliner
PF9 SHA 1040 - DFW 0930 246
PF13 SHA 1300 - DFW 1150 15
PF15 SHA 2050 - DFW 1940 37

PF10 DFW 1025 - SHA 1115 (+1) 246
PF14 DFW 1245 - SHA 1335 (+1) 15
PF16 DFW 2040 - SHA 2130 (+1) 37

Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) - San Francisco (SFO)
21x weekly, on Boeing 787 Dreamliner
PF7 SHA 1230 - SFO 0730 1357
PF11 SHA 1930 - SFO 1430 Daily
PF17 SHA 2235 - SFO 1735 x37
PF19 SHA 1440 - SFO 0940 x15

PF8 SFO 0825 - SHA 0925 (+1) 1357
PF12 SFO 1525 - SHA 1625 (+1) Daily
PF18 SFO 1830 - SHA 1930 (+1) x37
PF20 SFO 1040 - SHA 1140 (+1) x15

South East Asia
To kickstart Phoenix Airlines’ foray into South East Asia, Phoenix Airlines is pleased to serve the Land of Smiles, Thailand, as part of our first destination. Phoenix Airlines will fly once daily to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, on our Boeing 737NG aircraft.

Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) - Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK)
1x daily, on Boeing 737NG
PF1 SHA 0500 - DMK 0730 Daily
PF2 DMK 0810 - SHA 1240 Daily

Phoenix Airlines will also ensure that it has a strong domestic presence as part of our point-to-point travel model. As part of our first wave of flights, we will launch flights to Haikou, the biggest city on Hainan Island. Hainan Island is known for its beaches, its beautiful flora and fauna, and subtropical weather that makes it cooling and not as sunny all year round. As part of our domestic expansion, Haikou would serve as an important travel destination for us as we aim to connect Southern China to the rest of the world.

Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) - Haikou Meilan (HAK)
2x daily, on Boeing 737NG
PF3 SHA 1320 - HAK 1535 Daily
PF5 SHA 1910 - HAK 2125 Daily

PF4 HAK 1615 - SHA 1830 Daily
PF6 HAK 2205 - SHA 0020 (+1) Daily

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Where you have the flight numbers and times, I’m confused, what does 1357, x37 or x15 mean?

Standard airplane schedule format. 1 is Monday, 2 is Tuesday, all the way to 7 is Sunday. x means except. So x37 means operates Daily except Friday & Sunday. 1357 is also x246 (I think I should write it as x246 as it should be how it is written), which is Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

Okay I see now. I think I’ve seen that before on an airline website but never understand what it meant. Could you explain what the “(+1)” means also?

+1 means that you will arrive one day later, so depart on Monday from SFO for example and you’ll arrive on Tuesday in SHA

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New Routes impending

It has been noticed that a newsletter to Club Phoenix members (members on the airline’s loyalty program) that there were 2 routes stated to be open for booking. One was for an international route HAK-DMK, and another was a domestic route SHA-TSN. The official press release isn’t out, but it was believed that it has to do with the number of Boeing 737NG aircrafts which the airline got over the past few weeks.

Additional flights to Haikou and Bangkok; New Route between Shanghai and Tianjin to boost connectivity

Following the high demands for flights to Hainan Island, Phoenix Airlines has decided to boost the number of flights to Haikou Meilan International Airport, currently served 2 times daily from Shanghai Hongqiao.

The first major change would be the doubling of the frequency between both airports to include morning/noon time flights. These include 2 early morning flights departing Shanghai Hongqiao, and 2 return flights around the early afternoon to cater to more passengers. These would be operated with our Boeing 737NG aircraft.

Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) - Haikou Meilan (HAK)
2x additional daily, on Boeing 737NG
PF21 SHA 0500 - HAK 0715 Daily
PF27 SHA 0920 - HAK 1140 Daily

PF28 HAK 1215 - SHA 1435 Daily
PF22 HAK 1255 - SHA 1510 Daily

In addition, 2 flight frequencies to Bangkok has been added. This includes one evening flight from Shanghai Hongqiao, and one midday flight from Haikou Meilan.

Haikou Meilan (HAK) - Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK)
1x daily, on Boeing 737NG
PF23 HAK 0755 - DMK 0845 Daily
PF24 DMK 0925 - HAK 1215 Daily

Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) - Bangkok Don Mueang (DMK)
1x additional daily, on Boeing 737NG
PF25 SHA 1550 - DMK 1820 Daily
PF26 DMK 1900 - SHA 2330 Daily

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Phoenix Airlines November Digest

Published on 1st November 2020

America Schedule Changes, New Route to Sydney

As the airline gets a few more Dreamliner to supplement their fleet, there has been a variety of changes in the route schedule for flights to America with effect 8th November 2020 (Shanghai time), as part of sweeping reforms that are aimed at serving passengers better.

First up was the flights to San Francisco. From 21 times weekly, it was reduced to 19 times weekly, with adjusted flight timings so as to cater to a larger variety of passengers. The adjusted schedule is as follows:

Shanghai -> San Francisco

PF7  SHA 1230 - SFO 0630 789  x246
PF19 SHA 1540 - SFO 0940 789  x257
PF11 SHA 1930 - SFO 1330 789  Daily
PF17 SHA 2235 - SFO 1635 789  x135

San Francisco -> Shanghai

PF8  SFO 0725 - SHA 0925 (+1) 789  x246
PF20 SFO 1040 - SHA 1240 (+1) 789  x257
PF12 SFO 1425 - SHA 1625 (+1) 789  Daily
PF18 SFO 1730 - SHA 1930 (+1) 789  x135

On the other hand, there has been an increase in the number of flights to Dallas/Fort Worth from 7x weekly to 13x weekly, catering to a variety of passengers.

Shanghai -> Dallas/Fort Worth

PF9  SHA 1040 - DFW 0830 789  246
PF13 SHA 1400 - DFW 1150 789  257
PF35 SHA 1745 - DFW 1535 789  37
PF37 SHA 1945 - DFW 1735 789  14
PF15 SHA 2050 - DFW 1840 789  135

Dallas/Fort Worth -> Shanghai

PF10 DFW 0925 - SHA 1115 (+1) 789  246
PF13 DFW 1245 - SHA 1435 (+1) 789  257
PF35 DFW 1630 - SHA 1820 (+1) 789  37
PF37 DFW 1840 - SHA 2030 (+1) 789  14
PF15 DFW 1940 - SHA 2130 (+1) 789  135

On the other hand, there will be an additional flight route to Sydney, Australia. The establishment of this route aims to open up the Australian market as we prepare for more routes towards Down South. Shanghai will be the first to have a flight to Sydney, with a starting frequency of 3 times weekly from 2nd November increased to 10 times weekly from 18th November.

Shanghai <-> Sydney
PF39/40 begin 2nd November (3rd from Sydney), PF79/80 from 18th November.

PF79 SHA 1115 - SYD 2150      762  Daily
PF39 SHA 2155 - SYD 0800 (+1) 789  256

PF40 SYD 0905 - SHA 1505      789  367
PF80 SYD 2230 - SHA 0505 (+1) 762  Daily

Now serving Ürümqi

Phoenix Airlines will also launch flights to and from Ürümqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. As part of this launch, there will be a grand total of 3 routes launched, however, as of writing, the schedule has been unconfirmed due to various reasons. The various routes will be open for booking on different dates and start from different dates. The digital copy of this digest will be updated as and when the schedule is copied.

Shanghai <-> Ürümqi
Bookings open 13th November, begin 17th November 2020.

PF70 SHA 0100 - URC 0455 738 Daily
PF72 SHA 1020 - URC 1415 738 Daily

PF69 URC 0540 - SHA 0935 738 Daily
PF71 URC 1500 - SHA 1855 738 Daily

Haikou <-> Ürümqi
Bookings open 1st November, begin 5th November 2020.

PF42 HAK 0500 - URC 0905 738 Daily
PF44 HAK 1440 - URC 1805 738 Daily

PF41 URC 0950 - HAK 1355 738 Daily
PF43 URC 1930 - HAK 2340 738 Daily

Tianjin <-> Ürümqi
Bookings for PF59/60 open 1st November, begin 6th November 2020.
Remaining flights open 5th November, begin 12th November 2020.

PF60 TSN 0500 - URC 0810 738 Daily
PF62 TSN 1250 - URC 1600 738 Daily

PF59 URC 0900 - TSN 1210 738 Daily
PF61 URC 1640 - TSN 1950 738 Daily

Increased capacity to Bangkok

Demand between the Land of Smiles and China has been really huge, and we have taken to this really kindly. We have increased the number of flights between Bangkok and China, starting a new 3x daily route from Tianjin, as well as launching a second frequency from Haikou.

Full schedule for Haikou <-> Bangkok

PF23 HAK 0755 - DMK 0845 738 Daily
PF45 HAK 1800 - DMK 1850 738 Daily

PF24 DMK 0925 - HAK 1215 738 Daily
PF46 DMK 1645 - HAK 1935 738 Daily

Full schedule for Tianjin <-> Bangkok
Note: PF51/52 will begin on 11th November 2020 (Tianjin) & 12th November 2020 (Bangkok).

PF47 TSN 0500 - DMK 0755      738 Daily
PF49 TSN 1300 - DMK 1555      738 Daily
PF51 TSN 2040 - DMK 2335      738 Daily

PF52 DMK 0015 - TSN 0510      738 Daily
PF48 DMK 0840 - TSN 1335      738 Daily
PF50 DMK 1940 - TSN 0035 (+1) 738 Daily

Tianjin - Haikou connection established

Following Tianjin Airlines’ decision to launch flights to Sanya, Phoneix Airlines has been planning to offer the complementary flight to Haikou, increasing the capacity between Tianjin and Hainan Island. As a result, we have launched the 3x daily frequency between Tianjin and Haikou.

PF55/58 will begin operations on 4th November 2020. Remaining flights begin 12th November 2020.

PF53 TSN 0550 - HAK 0840 738 Daily
PF55 TSN 1420 - HAK 1710 738 Daily
PF57 TSN 2010 - HAK 2300 738 Daily

PF54 HAK 0920 - TSN 1210 738 Daily
PF56 HAK 1635 - TSN 1925 738 Daily
PF58 HAK 2030 - TSN 2320 738 Daily

Konichiwa: Phoenix Airlines confirms Fukuoka as upcoming destination

Phoenix Airlines confirms yet another destination to come in mid-November onwards - Fukuoka, Japan - as an upcoming destination for the airline.
As part of the Asian expansion plans, Phoenix Airlines has previously confirmed they were looking at a few destinations in Japan. The first of 3 destinations in Japan to be launched before the end of the year will be Fukuoka, located in the southern part of Japan. Fukuoka is one of the 10 most populous cities in Japan, and is one of the closest Japanese cities to the Asian mainland. It has lots of historical significance, and is also known for its view of the seas.
Currently, booking is open for flights between Haikou and Fukuoka, which would come in mid-November. Flights between Shanghai and Fukuoka are also confirmed with 2 frequencies for early morning and late night flights.

Haikou - Fukuoka
Flights begin 18th November 2020.

PF65 HAK 0050 - FUK 0500 738 Daily
PF67 HAK 0840 - FUK 1250 738 Daily

PF66 FUK 0545 - HAK 0755 738 Daily
PF68 FUK 1335 - HAK 1545 738 Daily

Shanghai - Fukuoka
Flights begin 18th November 2020.

PF75 SHA 0545 - FUK 0815 762 Daily
PF77 SHA 1940 - FUK 2215 738 Daily

PF76 FUK 0855 - SHA 0925 762 Daily
PF78 FUK 2300 - SHA 2330 738 Daily
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Phoenix Airlines December Digest

Published on 4th December 2020
Welcome to another month, and over this past month, there has been lots of new routes, new schedules up and coming. This month, it is more of a roundup and stock-taking, as we prepare to move in 2021, refreshed, renewed, and to start long haul routes.

New Aircraft Types to join the fleet; more expected to come in December 2020

Phoenix Airlines is pleased to begin incorporating more aircraft into the fleet, as the airline diversifies its operations to cater to both the premium passengers, as well as our economy-class passengers. As such, we will be incorporating aircraft seating that are unmatched throughout the world, as well as variety of aircraft types which are a mix of both leased and purchased aircrafts, second-hand and new.

Exercising the option to get more 787s

After seeing the relative success of our long haul routes to San Francisco and Dallas from Shanghai, we have decided to grab a few more 787s to supplement our capacity. As later stated in our digest, we will be opening up capacity from Tianjin as part of our plans to increase long-haul connectivity.

4-class narrowbody aircrafts? Count us in.

Many airline enthusiast who took our inaugural flight onboard our Airbus A320-200 were surprised to see that it is in a 4-class configuration, a configuration uncommonly seen in the world. In particular, the premium economy seats were located at the extreme rear of the aircraft, while the first and business class was located at the front of the aircraft, giving our passengers a surprise. The A320-200 was trialled on our Shanghai-Bangkok route, but we do not intend to use this aircraft on this route. Instead, we are opening a new route, which we will describe in great detail later.

Welcoming Boeing 767 to our fleet

The inauguration of a Boeing 767-200ER has also helped us increase our capacity, as well as fast-track the launch of our daily frequency to Sydney. 767s, despite their relative age as compared to newer aircrafts like the Dreamliner, are still relatively capable. These aircrafts will take on a more premium fleet combination.

Completing incomplete schedules

After much discussion, and with aircrafts coming in fast and quick throughout end of November all the way till end of December, we are pleased to publish these aircraft schedules for the routes as announced last month.


Previously, we have confirmed 2 frequencies between Shanghai and Ürümqi, and 2 between Tianjin and Ürümqi. However, both routes are supposed to have a third frequency that has always remained unconfirmed. This announcement would confirm the third frequency, which would be open for immediate booking and be launched on 3rd December 2020.

PF63 URC 2100 - TSN 0010 (+1) 738 Daily
PF64 TSN 1700 - URC 2010      738 Daily

PF73 URC 2000 - SHA 2355      738 Daily
PF74 SHA 1520 - URC 1915      738 Daily

Haikou - Fukuoka

Originally planned for a 3x frequency, only a twice-daily frequency was established back then. Now, the schedule for the third frequency has been confirmed and approved, and we are pleased that PF127/128, our third frequency will begin on 11th December 2020.

PF127 HAK 1800 - FUK 2210      738 Daily 
PF128 FUK 2250 - HAK 0100 (+1) 738 Daily

New Routes to be launched

With December comes new routes, and we are happy to announce routes to new and old destinations alike. We are looking to expand our South-East Asia coverage with a new destination in Malaysia, flying to the island city of Penang, while also improving connectivity in East Asia with increased capacity to Fukuoka with flights from Tianjin.

Tianjin - San Francisco

To boost our connection to the American airport currently served (in game, btw) by 18 airlines including Phoenix Airlines, we have launched 2x daily frequencies between Tianjin and San Francisco to boost connections between China and the West Coast. The flight timings are designed to cater to the bulk of regional flights arriving and departing at the respective airports, allowing for connection to and from other flights. The flights will be onboard our very own Boeing 787 aircraft.

PF105 TSN 0045 - SFO 1825 (-1) 789 Daily
PF107 TSN 1545 - SFO 0925      789 Daily

PF106 SFO 1155 - TSN 1335 (+1) 789 Daily
PF108 SFO 2115 - TSN 2255 (+1) 789 Daily

Tianjin - Fukuoka

After experiencing surge in demand to Fukuoka, Phoenix Airlines will extend the service to Tianjin, allowing a northern connection to the southern Japanese city. Phoenix Airlines will fly the route once daily at first, expanding to thrice daily by the end of the year.

PF83/84 will begin on 9th December, while others begin on 19th December.

PF81 TSN 0500 - FUK 0755 738 Daily
PF83 TSN 1150 - FUK 1445 738 Daily
PF85 TSN 1735 - FUK 2030 738 Daily

PF82 FUK 0835 - TSN 0930 738 Daily
PF84 FUK 1525 - TSN 1620 738 Daily
PF86 FUK 2110 - TSN 2205 738 Daily

Penang: A city of rich heritage and culture

Following the success of flights to Bangkok, Phoenix Airlines goes further south, choosing the island city of Penang as its next destination offered. Penang is home to the UNSECO World Heritage Site George Town, a city with rich heritage dating back to the late 16th century when the island was found by Francis Light. Penang is also a melting pot of culture, with its diverse food culture one of the key reasons why tourists would travel there. It is also famous for its beaches resorts on Batu Ferringhi, as well as it offerings of Durian. Phoenix Airline will begin operations with flights from Shanghai and Tianjin, with an additional connection from Haikou on the pipeline. (See below portion on Xiamen)

Shanghai - Penang

PF87 SHA 0040 - PEN 0500 738 Daily
PF89 SHA 1930 - PEN 2350 320 Daily

PF88 PEN 0540 - SHA 1000 738 Daily
PF90 PEN 1340 - SHA 1800 320 Daily

Tianjin - Penang

PF91 TSN 0050 - PEN 0540 738 Daily
PF93 TSN 1510 - PEN 2000 320 Daily

PF92 PEN 0620 - TSN 1110 738 Daily
PF94 PEN 0930 - TSN 1420 320 Daily


The island city of Xiamen will become the 5th domestic destination we are serving, adding to a growing list of domestic destinations we are looking to serve. The beautiful city of Xiamen is a fast rising destination and go-to spot for domestic and international travellers alike, and we are pleased to have gotten the approval to launch flights to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN). Currently, the first routes launched will be between Shanghai and Xiamen, a twice-daily flight between Shanghai Hongqiao and Xiamen; as well as a thrice-daily flight between Tianjin and Xiamen. Apart from that, there will be a thrice-daily international flight between Xiamen and Penang. This route is especially special since Xiamen is a twin city of Penang.

Shanghai - Xiamen

Flights begin 6th December 2020

PF95 SHA 1045 - XMN 1210      738 Daily
PF97 SHA 2240 - XMN 0005 (+1) 738 Daily

PF96 XMN 1250 - SHA 1415      738 Daily
PF98 XMN 2030 - SHA 2155      738 Daily

Xiamen - Penang

Flights begin 13th December 2020

PF099 XMN 0500 - PEN 0835      320 Daily
PF101 XMN 0920 - PEN 1255      320 Daily
PF103 XMN 1305 - PEN 1635      738 Daily

PF100 PEN 0500 - XMN 0835      320 Daily
PF102 PEN 1715 - XMN 2045      738 Daily
PF104 PEN 2055 - XMN 0030 (+1) 320 Daily

Tianjin - Xiamen

Flights begin 18th December 2020, except for PF111/114 which begins 13th December 2020

PF109 TSN 0755 - XMN 1010      738 Daily
PF111 TSN 1010 - XMN 1225      738 Daily
PF113 TSN 2245 - XMN 0100 (+1) 738 Daily

PF110 XMN 0500 - TSN 0715      738 Daily
PF112 XMN 1440 - TSN 1655      738 Daily
PF114 XMN 2125 - TSN 2340      738 Daily
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Report: In the battle of Asia, Phoenix Airlines is actually fighting a losing battle

Report by China Daily.
Translated to English and republished on South China Morning Post.

Shanghai - In a routine day in Pudong New District, where the Phoenix Airlines headquarters is located, the Department of Route Planning are busy studying possible route launching and schedule changes. They are busy analysing their current assets and trying to figure out the optimal schedule while looking at that of their close rivals. Ask any worker here, or even next door’s Department of Assets and Expansion, and they will tell you that Phoenix Airlines has 2 big rivals in Asia - Tianjin Airlines and Lagoon Air.
It is strange that the so-called “Asian Tigers” of the aviation industry are not in the same league with each other. While Lagoon Air’s strength lies in its long-haul routes, Tianjin Airlines’ strength is its short-haul expertise. And Phoenix Airlines? Just…a bunch of point-to-point routes and aggressive “invasion” of airports one by one.
Phoenix Airlines prides itself on having cheaper and affordable flights to various destinations, and also stations its main hubs and focus cities in a way that it is spread out - Northern hub in Tianjin; Central hub in Shanghai; Southern coastal hub in Xiamen; Hainan Island hub in Haikou; and Western hub in Urmuqi. When the Asian cities are open, there will be multiple routes from the cities to more than one of these hubs. This allows the so-called “swarm” of flights at every airport. On one hand, it builds up reputation real quick. On the other hand, it could be seen as very aggressive. Just look at what they have caused at Tianjin and Bangkok. With the multiple flights into both cities, it has caused Lagoon Air to fly aggressively into China and Tianjin Airlines to cross the “Hainan wall” to begin flying HAK-DMK, a decision which made Phoenix Airlines executives really agitated.
Honestly, Phoenix Airlines’ plans need to have some shift. If they intend to go on with their manner of expansion, they have to think whether picking a fight this early is easy and good for the airline. In terms of aircraft numbers, they certainly are losing out, though the Phoenix Airlines fleet is way newer than Tianjin Airlines for sure. In terms of destination numbers, Phoenix Airlines is surely much less, having little destinations currently. Is it a plan failure or part of a long-term game on their part? We don’t see how this is making them better.


Phoenix Airlines January Digest

Published on 10th January 2021
Happy new year! Do you know that as part of the New Year celebrations, Phoenix Airlines is launching flights to 9 new destinations? Do you also know that Phoenix Airlines is having a huge capacity increase on selected routes? Furthermore, Phoenix Airlines is overhauling the route network to allow for more point-to-point connections to China! All these are some of the very exciting things we are proud to share with our passengers for the new year!

Cabin overhaul program

As part of our efforts to cater to more people and provide better services, we have begun overhauling some of the cabin features of certain planes. Having heard your feedback with regards to the cabin layout, as well as looking at analysis of market trends, we have decided to go for better cabin layouts for our future aircrafts and refine current aircraft seats. In the meantime, we also upgraded the features so that flights will be more enjoyable for you.

Airbus A320-200

Following feedback that the aircraft is too premium-heavy, and the fall in demand for premium services on medium-haul flights served by the aircraft, we have decided that future A320s will feature a more balanced 4-class seating. While not completely removing the unique first class experience, we have instead dedicated more seats towards economy class, going with a 114-seat config rather than the current 88-seat config. The first two trial A320 aircraft will be re-fitted at a later date, but currently, our recently purchased A320 are on the new config.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The new 787-10s will feature a grand total of 28 premium economy and 14 business class seats, a decrease from previously planned numbers of 35 and 18 respectively. Going forward, our 787-9s will also be refitted to have only 19 premium economy and 14 business class, a sharp drop from current levels of 42 and 24. This would allow for us to incorporate our bigger and better first class suites on the plane, while not giving up on overall passenger capacity. The business class will also feature newer features such as bigger screens as part of the upgrading.

Schedule changes for Bangkok

Shanghai - Bangkok

Considering the huge demand between Shanghai and Bangkok, we are pleased to inform you that we have pushed out an additional 3 flights in additional to our current twice daily frequency, boosting the airline’s frequency between the two cities to 5x daily.
As follows will be the full flight timetable which has taken effect on January 2nd, 2020.

PF0001 SHA 0500 - DMK 0730 738 Daily (Existing Flight)
PF0129 SHA 0815 - DMK 1050 320 Daily
PF0131 SHA 1035 - DMK 1310 320 Daily
PF0025 SHA 1555 - DMK 1820 738 Daily (Existing Flight)
PF0133 SHA 2120 - DMK 2350 738 Daily

PF0130 DMK 0035 - SHA 0505 738 Daily
PF0002 DMK 0810 - SHA 1240 738 Daily (Existing Flight)
PF0132 DMK 1135 - SHA 1610 320 Daily
PF0134 DMK 1400 - SHA 1835 320 Daily
PF0026 DMK 1930 - SHA 2330 738 Daily (Existing Flight)

Xiamen - Bangkok

In addition, we will be flying between Xiamen and Bangkok as part of improvements in connections to the city. This will allow us to increase overall service to Bangkok to a whooping 13 times daily, with even more frequencies possible in the near future.

PF187 XMN 0500 - BKK 0650      737 Daily
PF189 XMN 1150 - BKK 1340      737 Daily
PF191 XMN 1840 - BKK 2030      737 Daily

PF188 BKK 0725 - XMN 1115      737 Daily
PF189 BKK 1415 - XMN 1805      737 Daily
PF191 BKK 2105 - XMN 0055 (+1) 737 Daily

Capacity upgrading to America

Upgrading of aircraft on Tianjin - San Francisco

With the demand on the route increasing, the airline has made the decision to upgrade the aircraft from the current 787-9 to the larger 787-10. There are no major changes to the schedule.

PF105 TSN 0045 - SFO 1825 (-1) 781 Daily
PF107 TSN 1545 - SFO 0925      781 Daily

PF106 SFO 1155 - TSN 1335 (+1) 781 Daily
PF108 SFO 2115 - TSN 2255 (+1) 781 Daily

New flights to Seattle and Los Angeles

To kick off more flights to the United States East Coast, Phoenix Airlines will begin flights to both Seattle and Los Angeles. For January, flights will be launched between Shanghai and both cities, this will be expected to expand to more cities as time goes.

Shanghai - Seattle
PF257/258 begins 11th January 2021, PF259/260 begins 18th January 2021.

PF257 SHA 1525 - SEA 0845      789 Daily
PF259 SHA 2320 - SEA 1640      789 Daily

PF258 SEA 1050 - SHA 1210 (+1) 789 Daily
PF260 SEA 1845 - SHA 2005 (+1) 789 Daily

Shanghai - Los Angeles
Schedule with effect 18th January 2021.

PF253 SHA 1140 - LAX 0610      781 Daily
PF255 SHA 2230 - LAX 1700      781 Daily

PF254 LAX 0740 - SHA 1010 (+1) 789 Daily
PF256 LAX 1845 - SHA 2055 (+1) 789 Daily

New flights to India

As part of our expansion to different parts of Asia, Phoenix Airlines will expand to fly to Delhi and Goa, two major cities in India. The flights to Delhi will begin from Haikou and Shanghai from 15th January 2021, while flights to Goa has been progressively launched from the start of the year and will continue on to the next month as we confirm more schedule. Below are the routes which has been confirmed and will proceed further.

Shanghai - Goa

Flights begin 2nd January 2021.

PF135 SHA 0555 - GOI 0915      738 Daily
PF137 SHA 1700 - GOI 2025      320 Daily
PF139 SHA 1920 - GOI 2245      320 Daily

PF136 GOI 1005 - SHA 1825      738 Daily
PF138 GOI 2110 - SHA 0535 (+1) 320 Daily
PF140 GOI 2330 - SHA 0755 (+1) 320 Daily

Haikou - Goa

Flights begin 3rd January 2021.

PF193 HAK 0745 - GOI 0955      320 Daily
PF195 HAK 1825 - GOI 2035      320 Daily

PF194 GOI 1030 - HAK 1740      320 Daily
PF196 GOI 2310 - HAK 0620 (+1) 320 Daily

Xiamen - Goa

Flights begin 3rd January 2021.

PF181 XMN 0645 - GOI 0945      320 Daily
PF183 XMN 1030 - GOI 1325      738 Daily
PF185 XMN 1925 - GOI 2225      320 Daily

PF182 GOI 1040 - XMN 1840      320 Daily
PF184 GOI 1405 - XMN 2220      738 Daily
PF186 GOI 2120 - XMN 0520 (+1) 320 Daily

Shanghai - Delhi

Flights begin 12th January 2021.

PF243 SHA 0550 - DEL 0830      733 Daily
PF245 SHA 0915 - DEL 1140      738 Daily
PF247 SHA 1510 - DEL 1740      736 Daily
PF249 SHA 1805 - DEL 2045      733 Daily
PF251 SHA 2140 - DEL 0005 (+1) 738 Daily

PF244 DEL 0055 - SHA 0820      738 Daily
PF244 DEL 0710 - SHA 1440      736 Daily
PF244 DEL 0920 - SHA 1700      733 Daily
PF244 DEL 1230 - SHA 1955      738 Daily
PF246 DEL 2125 - SHA 0505 (+1) 733 Daily

Central Asia Expansion

As part of our ongoing expansion to serve more parts of Asia, Phoenix Airlines is proud to be now serving towards Central Asia. To kick-start our expansion, we will be flying from Chongqing Jiangbei to frontload our connection demand between a lot of major cities in Asia. In addition, to begin our Central Asia operations, we will be flying to Nur-sultan and Alamaty come end-January. More details of these flights to Chongqing, Nur-sultan and Alamaty will come at a later date.

You would notice that we are missing 1 destination in this report. What will it be? We are in final talks with this particular city on direct flights. As soon as we are ready to finalise the details of this destination, we will release them.

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Phoenix Airlines February-March Digest

Published on 23rd February 2021
Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese around the world, and welcome onboard Phoenix Airlines in yet another monthly newsletter! Due to the Chinese New Year break, we have decided to concise our February and March digest into 1, to allow us to work around the break, as well as publish even more upcoming information that we have currently.

Aircraft Purchases, Leases

Following the relative success of taking up purchases of various older narrowbodies to fulfil demand and to allow us to expand while we await our new aircrafts, we have expanded on the use of the Boeing 737 and the Airbus A320 families. We are starting to make a series of purchases for second-hand Boeing 737 Classics, older 737NG aircrafts (including the -600 and the -700 series), as well as sourcing the market for A319, A320s and A321s. On the other hand, we have also dived deeper in the long haul business by acquiring yet another widebody aircraft - the A330neos. The A330-900s are starting to come into the Phoenix Airline family, while we keep up on the number of Dreamliners entering our fleet.

Agreement reached with Lagoon Air on Bangkok operations

Phoenix Airlines has reached an agreement with principal tenant Lagoon Air with regards to operations at Don Mueang, the city area airport. This agreement covers operations between China and the airport, and will aim to maintain some form of capacity and price control on flights between both airports while ensuring that healthy competition still remains.

Previously, there has been an over-capacity on some of the routes between Phoenix Airlines’ focus cities and the airport, including operations between Shanghai Hongqiao and Bangkok Don Mueang which reached over 14 times daily. While passengers generally profited due to lower prices, the overcapacity has brought about various issues, such as occupying additional flight slots at the airport, and increased manpower costs from maintaing more crew to fly between both airports.
“After discussions with our counterparts, we have agreed to reduce our flight counts between certain cities to Bangkok Don Mueang, instead choosing to provide alternative flights to the newer Suvarnabhumi Airport, which can handle more passengers. This allow us to free up the flight slots at Don Mueang for expansion to more points in China, which we will be freely allowed to do so following the agreement. Meanwhile, capacity to Bangkok will not decrease, as we open flights to Suvarnabhumi to provide an alternative.” Pending confirmation from the airport authorities, Phoenix Airlines will begin flights to Suvarnabhumi in early-March, with flights from Shanghai Hongqiao and Tianjin among first flights to be launched.

Updates on new destinations

February and March will prove to be a new turn in terms of flights to cities near and far, and we will be moving forward with routes that we may have hinted about during our last Digest, and also announce our upcoming plans.

Firstly, as part of our expansion towards Europe, Phoenix Airlines will be launching flights to various destinations around Europe. This will include Moscow, Palma, Manchester, and Milan. Some of these cities have seen first operations in early February, such as the Tianjin-Moscow and Shanghai-Moscow as served by our 787 Dreamliners. One difference in our plans will be the use of multiple airports in Moscow - Phoenix Airlines will start from Sheremetyevo, and later in March, to Domodedovo. The use of 2 airports allows passengers to connect to other flights in Moscow more easily, and depending on the preference of the passenger, they may choose to fly from or to an airport which suits them, much like the planned change with Bangkok. On the other hand, Manchester and Milan will be routes we have planned for the end of March. While exact details are not out yet for Milan, we are expecting first flights from Manchester as early as mid-March, and these flights will start from Shanghai, using the A330-900neo aircraft. These aircrafts, which are the latest additions to our fleet, are also serving Haikou-Palma currently.
In South-East Asia, Phoenix Airlines will be proceeding with plans to open flights to Hanoi, Bali-Denpasar, Manila, and Hat Yai. While the first three are big cities in SEA, Hat Yai is relatively smaller, but it is a very good tourist attraction especially for its local food. It will aim to complement our flights to Penang, allowing more choices for passengers going to other smaller cities for tourism, and also connecting passengers who may live in Northern Peninsula Malaysia/Southern Thailand to China and beyond.
Phoenix Airlines will also add on its Almaty service with flights to Nursultan. Flying the second largest city in Kazakhstan will definitely be cheered by businessman who may be looking for businesses in Central Asia.

Expanding China-India capacity

Phoenix Airlines is also looking at an important market - the Indian market. Demand between India and China is huge, and taking that into consideration, Phoenix Airlines has been aggressively pushing into India, ramping up flights to Delhi and Goa, while pushing for flights to Chennai and Kolkata. As a result of filling the demand, we have also increased our flight frequency on certain trunk routes, and will consider upgrading these routes to bigger jets to cater to the given demand.
A route which the airline is considering to up the capacity on is the Haikou-Delhi, as well as the Shanghai-Delhi route. Both routes have provided lots of potential for expansion, and the airline has signaled strongly it will increase the capacity provided on these routes. The changes will be similar to that on Urmuqi - Delhi, which has been increased from 2x daily to 5x daily. Currently, flights between Shanghai and Delhi are at 5x daily, while flights between Haikou and Delhi are at twice daily.


Commentary: Quietly, Delhi is becoming a focus city for Phoenix Airlines

As published by Guangdong Media Daily

Zhuhai - For a long while, Zhuhai has been serving only foreign airlines and foreign destinations. The Frankfurt-based giant Arrowjet flies 5 times daily to the airport, while recently, the Delhi-based carrier Blue Dream Airlines begun 4 times daily operations to the airport. However, less than a week ago, the situation finally changed.

Quietly, on the day of the Spring Lantern Festival, an aircraft flying the Chinese flag arrived in the Pearl Delta city’s main airport, and the aircraft started commercial operations on the next day. And the aircraft belongs to none other than Phoenix Airlines, one of China’s 2 biggest airlines.

Strangely, unlike previous routes, this route was started without any prior notice, and many local residents were surprised to see the red phoenix in town. In the Phoenix Digest, a monthly newsletter publication by the airline to its customers, there was no mention of the airline beginning operations in any domestic airport. A number of cities were mentioned, including Moscow, Palma, Bali, and Manila, but strangely there was no mention that the airline would finally begin operations in Guangdong province. Another strange thing was that the airline never begun domestic operations on the first day at the airport, which was a departure from the practices we saw with Tianjin, Haikou, Chongqing, Ürümqi or Xiamen.

There was also not much fanfare when the first flight took off. The airline never made an official announcement, yet the first few flights had around 60% passenger load, presumably due to the relatively low fares that the airline provides. And it wasn’t the only route to Delhi which the airline launched that day. Within 24 hours, an aircraft which was parked at Delhi for a few days had its first commercial flight in a week, as it departed Delhi for Lijiang, a city in Yunnan province. Lijiang Sanyi International Airport didn’t have any flights before this, so this was the first set of flights to the airport, and Phoenix Airlines decided to start with a route to Delhi, which, like the situation in Zhuhai, was pretty unexpected.

With the new flights, Delhi officially overtook focus city Haikou in terms of the number of daily frequencies out of the city, despite the airline not having any traffic rights out of the former. Although Haikou’s status as focus city is still quite clear, with the new flights from Hainan Island to Bali, Palma, and other cities beginning over these few weeks, Phoenix Airlines is determined not to give up its market share in Delhi to the fast-growing Blue Dream Airlines.

For those unfamiliar with Blue Dream Airlines, the Delhi-based carrier shot to prominence following a huge expansion drive that saw them open flights to numerous destinations in Asia and Europe. The expansion drive was largely unexpected by many huge carriers in the world, with big carriers AeroDom (of Brazil), ArrowJet, BoLines (both of Germany), Lone Star Airlines, Eastern Air Lines (both of America) and KLM (of France), among others, largely surprised by the airlines’ rise to dominance in the Asian sphere. Many analysts had previously thought Tianjin Airlines or Lagoon Air would take that honour, but with the former facing some difficulties getting the necessary aircrafts, while the latter attempts some restructuring, it was Blue Dream that came out top, having a total of 18 different aircraft families, 502 aircrafts, and 192 airports served. The number of aircraft owned is 30% more than the world’s most popular airline (OOC: Highest Airline Awareness) ArrowJet. Blue Dream operates more than 700 flights daily from Delhi. In comparison, ArrowJet only manages close to 400 from Frankfurt.

Going forward, Phoenix Airlines is likely to up the stakes even further for Blue Dream Airlines. Looking at the previous battle against Lagoon Air, Phoenix Airlines’ executives are very much willing to take the battle to another airline whenever it feels that its position is threatened. The recent edition of the Digest has said that the airline “has been aggressively pushing into India”, and will also start flights to Chennai and Kolkata, while “ramping up” flights to Delhi and Goa. The likelihood would be that the priority remains on Delhi. Maybe even Kolkata, considering that Blue Dream has expanded to having a secondary hub in the city. Phoenix Airlines has always proven to fight tough battles to maintain its market share, and definitely, it will be a matter of time before Delhi officially becomes a focus city for the airline. A marketing gimmick to increase its name. If anything, the airline would definitely look at the agreement between the airline and Lagoon Air, and try to push for a similar one with Blue Dream Airlines.

If only the battle was that simple.


Phoenix Airlines “more profitable than budget airlines”: CEO

As published by China Daily

Perth - Phoenix Airlines CEO Mr Li Mingxiang has said that budget airlines may find themselves stuck in a situation where cash flow isn’t in their favour, causing them to lose out to established full-fledged airlines in terms of profitablility and cash flow.

Speaking to local reporters in Perth, where he was there after flying on Phoenix Airline’s inaugural flight to Perth from Haikou Meilan, he has said that the so-called “hybrid airline” model that Phoenix Airlines adopt is much more profitable than the “budget airline” model.
“What are you going to earn flying 189 passengers between Sydney and Perth for $40 one-way? A revenue of $7560 per flight? Is it enough to cover fuel costs and gate fees? Probably not. You would rather offer than certain levels of In-flight Services and Entertainments, maybe not as fantastic as those full-service airlines, but yet market yourself at around $350. It is worth it because $350 is much lower than the $450-500 offered by other airlines, and yet you can earn much more revenue! Also, flying other classes would also give you an avenue where you can take more profits, because you cater to the various groups of people, and yet, ensure that your prices remain much more competitive as compared to other airlines. Yes, $350 isn’t that cheap as compared to $40. But $40 is definitely not a reasonable price, because airlines are companies, not charities.”

When asked about the airline’s expansion plans, Mr Li has reiterated that their airline will aim to expand to many more destinations. “Our priority is on point-to-point travel. We want to connect people in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America to China, and also allow our fellow Chinese travellers to travel to different places in one flight. We aren’t as much focused on connecting passengers per se, though having more destinations would contribute to that in some way or other. We have said that we will launch flights to Manchester and Milan - those are coming. Palma and London have came. Bali, Hat Yai, Manila and Hanoi are all getting flights as per schedule. The only plan we might delay would be to serve both Bangkok airports, because we are reconsidering the decision following the insolvency of Lagoon Air. Now the Thai airport authorities prefer us to boost connections to Don Mueang, and we might just do that instead of serving both airports as previously suggested.” He also took the time to deny allegations that the airline is turning Delhi into a focus city, reiterating that the airline is increasing capacity to “cater to the demands of the people of India and China”. “We are just fulfilling demand. We have no plans to set up overseas hubs or anything of that sort,” Mr Li stressed.

Phoenix Airlines will now fly from Haikou to Perth twice daily, with plans to add a connection from Tianjin and Shanghai over the next couple of weeks. The final confirmation would be announced when the flight plans are approved by the relevant authorities.