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About Phoenix Airlines
Phoenix is a mythological bird that exists in both Greek and Chinese mythology. In Greek mythology, it is deemed as a bird symbolizing renewal. In Chinese culture, it is a symbol of virtue and grace. We chose to name our airline Phoenix Airlines as we choose to value high level service and want to bring about quality air travel for all our passengers.
Phoenix Airlines is a Shanghai-based Airline, formed by a group of wealthy businessman as their foray into the Aviation Industry. The airline uses a hybrid system, which is a mix of the service and pricing methods of the full-service carriers and that of the no-frills carriers. Phoenix Airline currently serves regional destinations and major domestic destinations from their hub in Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), with secondary hubs in different parts of China, including Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN).

History of Phoenix Airlines
In April 2018, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced plans to deregulate the Chinese aviation industry. With that, this group of wealthy businessman, under the company name “Phoenix Airlines Group”, applied for an air operators certificate for the airline named Phoenix Airlines Group, aiming to compete with major state-owned Chinese Airlines such as Air China, China Southern Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines.
In September 2018, the airline was given the green light to sell tickets, and it opened its Headquarters in Pudong, Shanghai in end-Sept 2018.
In December 2018, the airline confirmed that after various delays, the airline will start operations by January 2019, just in time for the Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year). It also announced that it had multiple partners for its new Phoenix Club loyalty system, including Agoda Hotels, Felix Car Rental, and IHG.
In June 2019, the airline further expanded its operations, with more local cities being declared as focus cities and hubs. Chengdu was upgraded as a Hub, while Hangzhou, Xi’an, Xiamen, Kunming was named Focus Cities.
On 29th September 2019, Phoenix Airlines Group, the parent company, officially announced that they would be renaming themselves to Red Phoenix Group, dropping the word “Airlines” from their name. This was after a previous announcement which announced their acquisition of the Lucky Tours Travel Agency Group, marking the airline’s first foray into the travel package business. The airline also announced the purchase of Red Star Air, a domestic airline operating out of Dalian city.

Cabin Types
Phoenix Airlines has 5 main cabin types, namely the Main Cabin (Y), PhoenixFlex (W), Phoenix Business (J), PhoenixRed (F), Phoenix Suites (B). These are different cabin types that cater to the needs of different passengers, but we assure you that you will find a comfortable seat for your budget.
Main Cabin
Whenever you fly on other airlines, do you often find your leg room ridiculously small, such that your long legs feel really crammed? Well, fret not! Here at Phoenix Airlines, we offer really excellent leg rooms to cater to your flying comfort. On our narrow-bodies such as the A321 and A320s, you can enjoy a seat pitch of around 36! For wide-bodies such as our B742s, you can enjoy a seat pitch of 44! Yes, you read correctly. This is the main cabin, not the premium economy like you saw on other airlines. That is why we boast one of the least dense aircraft in the airline industry, unrivaled in China! All our passengers in Main Cabin can also enjoy On-Demand Seat back TV, equipped with a USB port and Audio jacks which allow you to plug in your normal headsets!
Sometimes you wonder if you are seating in business class or premium economy, which is why we refuse to call this set of seats either of those names. We stick with our name of PhoenixFlex, which to us is sort of a hybrid between economy and business (if you want to call it premium economy fine by us, but make sure you differentiate between our premium economy and other airlines’ premium economy). These airlines boast a seat pitch of 50 and 58 on narrow-body and wide-body aircrafts (yes you read it right), allowing you to enjoy all that extra comfort while in the air! Passengers on our PhoenixFlex tickets will also enjoy a wider variety of drinks, food as well as a better quality seat-back TV.
Phoenix Business
To all of you business class passengers out there, you really should come try our version of “business class”. Boasting seats which can be converted to flat-beds is not something you see on all airlines. Here, at Phoenix Airlines, we treat your comfort really seriously. As most passengers on business class are, of course, passengers on work and business trips, we cater to your needs by offering a normal computer plug on top of your USB port. The Seat back TV also boast the capability to allow you to connect your tablets onto our 20-inch screen for your viewing pleasure. Having to connect to your co-workers while in the air? Fret not! All Phoenix Business passengers will enjoy free 40-100MB of data (depending on your flight duration) while in the air, so that you will be able to stay connected. While waiting for your flight, you can also enjoy the use of our Phoenix lounges at our Hub Airports (namely Beijing Capital, Shanghai Pudong and Guangzhou Baiyun), as well as lounges of our partner airlines, for up to 6 hours before departure.
Any PhoenixRed passengers are Red Carpet VIPs to us. With priority boarding, free seat selection (subject to availability) and round-the-clock lounge access, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy our excellent services! On the plane, you get a dedicated crew member who will help you with all your needs. You decide how you want your journey with us to be. Decisions such as when to serve the meal, what types of champange/wine you want (subject to availability), when do you want the crew member to help you make your bed, are all made by you and you only. With our mini-suites (your seats, btw) featuring half-height doors and wall separation between each and every seat. privacy is assured within your mini-suites on the aircraft.
Phoenix Suites
If PhoenixRed passengers are VIPs, then you must be a VVIP when you book a Suites ticket. Not only do you get a suite on the plane, you also get to tell us how fantastic your 3-course meal will be (by pre-booking at least 48 hours in advance), what types of drinks do you want (pre-ordered), and also a buggy ride from the immigration counter to the lounge and from the lounge to the gate at selected airports! You will also be accompanied by at least one member of the ground crew while at the airport, giving you the VVIP treatment you cannot enjoy elsewhere! With UNLIMITED WiFi access, and free premium music/video services, your trip with us is certainly unbelievable.

In Jan 2019, the airline has secured an agreement to lease 5 A321neo from Airbus, with an option to increase the total number of leased aircrafts to 35 from the A320 new engine option series. Currently, the airline has increased its order for the A320neo and A321neo to 100, as well as 20 A321XLRs slated to join the fleet in 2023.
The airline has also secured an agreement with Chinese aircraft producer Comac with regards to a purchase of ARJ21 and C919 aircrafts. In August 2019, Phoenix Airlines has decided to upgrade the order for ARJ21 to C919 orders, and increased the overall confirmed order to 40 C919 aircrafts.
The airline also has a number of second-hand Boeing 747-200 and Boeing 747-400 aircrafts, while is purchasing/leasing A350XWB aircrafts.
In early September 2019, Phoenix Airlines welcomed the Boeing 787 series into the aircraft. They currently operate a mix of the 787-9 and the 787-10, which is used mainly for regional operations. This comes after Phoenix Airlines confirmed that they will be transferring their agreement for 20 A330-900neos to A350XWB series in late August 2019.
In late September 2019, Phoenix Airlines also announced the retirement of the Douglas DC-8-73 series, with the aircraft type exiting the fleet by 30th September 2019.

B - Phoenix Suites, F - PhoenixRed, J - Phoenix Business, W - PhoenixFlex, Y - Main Cabin

Airbus 320neo/321neo/320neoXLR
There was no convincing required when we decided on using the Airbus 320 series as our main narrowbody aircraft. Apart from being fuel efficient, its versatility also allows us to utilise the planes for various purposes, whether it is for thin long-haul routes, or trunk domestic routes. Phoenix Airlines is a huge supporter of Airbus’ A320neo series, agreeing to lease and eventually purchase numerous aircraft of this series. The A320s form the backbone of our operations, and is commonly seen on key routes such as PVG-PEK and CAN-ICN.

Airbus 350-900/1000
What is a fleet without Airbus’ newest Technological marvel, the A350 series? The brand new widebody from Airbus features unbeatable fuel efficiency, as well as a long range that allows us to fly long distances. The larger than normal size allows us accommodate more passengers, as well as feature our world-renowned Phoenix Suites on many of our A350s. The A350 series is mostly offered on flights to Europe and America, as well as selected high capacity regional flights. The A350-1000 features 204 seats, including 9 Phoenix Suites and 28 Phoenix Business seats. The A350-900ULR has 188 seats, configured for long haul flights. We will also be operating the original A350-900 version, which will feature more seats in a 3-class configuration. The A350-900ULR is also used to operate the longest route in the world: CAN-GRU, a cross continental flight bringing passengers from China to Brazil.

Boeing 747-200/400
The undisputed Queen of the Skies is a well-loved member of our fleet. Although many airlines are starting to retire the once-majestic B747s from their fleet, here in Phoenix Airlines, we believe that this majestic aircraft still has a place in aviation, and that is why here in Phoenix Airlines, we retrofit and repaint our B747s and make them good as new! Besides, our B747-400s also feature our finest Queen’s Bar, a bar that seats up to 15 passengers at one go for you to enjoy your favourite drinks, and allowing everyone (except minors) to gain access to our bar while being on the plane!

Boeing 787-9/10
After a consideration between the Airbus 330neo and the Dreamliners, Phoenix Airlines eventually opted for the Dreamliners, noting that the aircraft type’s versatility would allow it to be operated on shorter high density routes. The Dreamliner is the first of the new generation of aircraft, with the efficiency of the aircraft well recognised. In Phoenix Airlines, we operate the 787-9 and 787-10 aircraft types. The 787-10 features a four class configuration, which includes our PhoenixRed suites that provide huge comfort for our passengers. The 787-10 is mainly used on our high density regional routes such as PVG-SIN. The 787-9 features a 3 class configuration that is useful for both leisure routes with high economy demand, as well as smaller regional routes.

Tuploev Tu-204-120/Tu-214
Starting to see a trend? We combine the finest aircrafts of today with the best of the past. With such a diverse aircraft fleet, it cannot be complete with these handy narrowbodies which are used to serve less popular routes. Currently configured on a 2/3-class seating, these aircraft allow us to keep operating costs low and serve short flights such as CAN-HAK, as well as increase point-to-point connection with flights between small airports. Rather them flying 1 time weekly with a B747, why not have a fly daily with a smaller aircraft? We are proud to inform you that frequency is more important than capacity. Just ask the people flying to Nepal and Bhutan.

Phoenix Club
Phoenix Club is one of the world’s only lifetime membership, where one entrance fee of RMB1250 gives you lifetime membership! The tiered rewards system is also special, where we reward your points based on distance travelled and NOT money spent. So if you bought a Standard Class ticket for RMB800 between Beijing and Guangzhou, you will receive the same amount of miles as one who bought it for RMB7000!
In addition, all club members would be able to be on the waiting list for upcoming new flights, with the status of Pending. (Therefore ahead of everyone who only can start booking flights with a status of “Upcoming”.) Please refer to our flight schedule at: for more details.
The Club goes by a tier system, namely Phoenix Club, Club Silver, Club Gold, and Club Platinum. The way to attain the higher tiered memberships is as follows:

(To be updated)

Also, the miles are awarded and can be redeemed as per the table below: (with various exceptions)
Image coming soon.

Key Personal
(Charts coming soon!)

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Phoenix Airlines serves 123 destinations throughout all 6 continents, in Asia, Oceania, North America, Central/South America, Africa and Europe


Main Hub

  • Shanghai Pudong, PVG/ZSPD
  • Shanghai Hongqiao, SHA/ZSSS (Domestic Hub, City Connection Hub)

Other Hubs

  • Beijing Capital, PEK/ZBAA
  • Chengdu Shuangliu, CTU/ZUUU
  • Guangzhou Baiyun, CAN/ZGGG
  • Kunming Changshui, KMG/ZPPP

Focus City

  1. Changsha Huanghua, CSX/ZGHA
  2. Haikou Meilan, HAK/ZJHK
  3. Hangzhou Xiaoshan, HGH/ZSHC
  4. Shenzhen Bao’an, SZX/ZGSZ
  5. Xi’an Xianyang, XIY/ZLXY
  6. Xiamen Gaoqi, XMN/ZSAM
  7. Urumqi Diwopu, URC/ZWWW


  1. Beihai Fucheng, BHY/ZGBH
  2. Changzhou Benniu, CZX/ZSCG
  3. Fuzhou Changle, FOC/ZSFZ
  4. Guiyang Longdongbao, KWE/ZUGY
  5. Harbin Taiping, HRB/ZYHB
  6. Hefei Xinqiao, HFE/ZSOF
  7. Lhasa, LXA/ZULS
  8. Lijiang Sanyi, LJG/ZPLJ
  9. Nanjing Lukou, NKG/ZSNJ
  10. Nanning Wuxu, NNG/ZGNN
  11. Ningbo Lishe, NGB/ZSNB
  12. Quanzhou Jinjiang, JJN/ZSQZ
  13. Sanya Phoenix, SYX/ZJSY
  14. Shenyang Taoxian, SHE/ZYTX
  15. Shijiazhuang Zhengding, SJW/ZBSJ
  16. Taiyuan Wusu, TYN/ZBYN
  17. Tianjin Binhai, TSN/ZBTJ
  18. Wuhan Tianhe, WUH/ZHHH
  19. Yinchuan Hedong, INC/ZLIC
  20. Zhuhai Jinwan, ZUH/ZGSD

Special Administrative Regions of China

  1. Hong Kong, HKG/VHHH
  2. Macau, MFM/VMMC

Taiwan Region, China

  1. Taipei Songshan, TSA/RCSS
  2. Taipei Taoyuan, TPE/RCTP


  1. Perth, PER/YPPH
  2. Sydney Kingsford Smith, SYD/YSSY


Brussels, BRU/EBBR


São Paulo/Guarulhos, GRU/SMGR

Phnom Penh, PNH/VDPP


  1. Toronto, YYZ/CYYZ
  2. Vancouver, YVR/CYVR

Copenhagen, CPH/EKCH

Addis Ababa, ADD/HAAB

Helsinki, HEL/EFHK



  1. Frankfurt, FRA/EDDF
  2. Munich, MUC/EDDM

Athens, ATH/LGAV


  1. Ahmedabad, AMD/VAAH
  2. Bangalore, BLR/VOBL
  3. Chennai, MAA/VOMM
  4. Delhi, DEL/VIDP
  5. Kolkata, CCU/VECC
  6. Mumbai, BOM/VABB
  7. Nedumbassery/Kochi, COK/VOCI

Bali Denpasar, DPS/WADD
Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta, CGK/WIII

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion, TLV/LLBG


  1. Milan Malpensa, MXP/LIMC
  2. Rome Fiumicino, FCO/LIRF


  1. Kagoshima, KOJ/RJFK
  2. Nagoya Chubu Centrair, NGO/RJGG
  3. Osaka Kansai, KIX/RJBB
  4. Sapporo New Chitose, CTS/RJCC
  5. Tokyo Haneda, HND/RJTT
  6. Tokyo Narita, NRT/RJAA

Nur-sultan, TSE/UACC

Republic of Korea

  1. Busan Gimhae, PUS/RKPK
  2. Jeju, CJU/RKPC
  3. Muan, MWX/RKJB
  4. Seoul Gimpo, GMP/RKSS
  5. Seoul Incheon, ICN/RKSI


  1. Kuala Lumpur, KUL/WMKK
  2. Penang, PEN/WMKP


Yangon, RGN/VYYY

Mexico City, MEX/MMMX

Kathmandu, KTM/VNKT

The Netherlands
Amsterdam, AMS/EHAM

New Zealand
Auckland, AKL/NZAA

Muscat, MCT/OOMS

Karachi, KHI/OPKC

The Philippines
Manila, MNL/RPLL

Warsaw Chopin, WAW/EPWA




  1. Moscow Domodedovo, DME/UUDD
  2. Novosibirsk Tolmachevo, OVB/UNNT
  3. Saint Petersburg, LED/ULLI
  4. Vladivostok, VVO/UHWW

Saudi Arabia
Riyadh, RUH/OERK

Singapore Changi, SIN/WSSS

South Africa
Johannesburg, JNB/FAOR

Barcelona, BCN/LEBL
Madrid, MAD/LEMD

Sri Lanka
Colombo, CMB/VCBI


  1. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, BKK/VTBS
  2. Phuket, HKT/VTSP

Istanbul, IST/LTFM

Ashgabat, ASB/UTAA

Kiev Boryspil, KBP/UKBB

United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi, AUH/OMAA
Dubai Int’l, DXB/OMDB

United Kingdom
London Gatwick, LGW/EGKK

United States of America

  1. Atlanta, ATL/KATL
  2. Chicago O’Hare, ORD/KORD
  3. Dallas Fort Worth, DFW/KDFW
  4. Honolulu, HNL/PHNL
  5. Indianapolis, IND/KIND
  6. Los Angeles, LAX/KLAX
  7. New York, JFK/KJFK
  8. Phoenix Sky Harbour, PHX/KPHX
  9. San Francisco, SFO/KSFO
  10. Seattle Tacoma, SEA/KSEA
  11. Washington Dulles, IAD/KIAD


Tashkent, TAS/UTTT


  1. Da Nang, DAD/VVDN
  2. Hanoi, HAN/VVNB

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Struggle for Singapore-China routes (1)
Struggle for Singapore-China routes (2)

I love this far future planning lol

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South China Morning Post, 9/10/2019

Phoenix Airlines promises to help affected passengers by suspension of Neked Airways’ operations

Shanghai - Phoenix Airlines has announced that passengers affected by the recent suspension of Neked Airways will be given an opportunity to rebook flights with Phoenix Airlines for a cheaper price, allowing the passengers to fly to their destination.
Phoenix Airlines CEO Mr Li Mingxiang announced this at a press conference to all local reporters in the morning. In his announcement, Mr Li stated that it is “important” for Phoenix Airlines to serve affected passengers who have been affected by this unexpected turn of events. “We are sorry to hear that a fellow Chinese airline has suspended its operations. Given that Phoenix Airlines currently serve the destinations served by Neked Airways, albeit not the exact same routes, we feel that we need to step in to help the affected passengers and allow them to continue their journeys,” said Mr Li. “Phoenix Airlines would be given discounts to passengers holding a valid Neked Airways ticket to continue their original journey. Although Phoenix Airlines does not serve all the routes served by Neked Airways, we would do our best to ensure that they would be able to have a set of connections via one of our many hubs and focus cities to allow them to get to their destinations.”
In addition, Phoenix Airlines will be launching a direct service between Hangzhou and Tokyo-Narita, serving once daily between the two destinations, as well as another daily service between Hangzhou and Bangkok, to increase the frequency to the destinations. Passengers affected by the Neked Airways suspension can contact the special hotline as listed on our website.

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Behind the scenes: The struggle for Singapore-China routes (1)

22nd October 2019 "The only way we can get the routes up in order is to declare Singapore as a focus city," said Mr Li Mingxiang, CEO of Phoenix Airlines. "The civil aviation authorities have repeatedly reminded us that local airlines are supposed to respect the route launch rules, despite the market to Singapore relatively unregulated due to the open skies and how Singapore welcomes competition with open arms. However, I am concerned about naming Changi as our focus city, as we have never did that to a foreign city before." "Boss, your worries are unfounded. We have seen how important Singapore is as a destination. Remember how we were forced to add flights over the Golden Week? Remember how we had such overwhelming support for our Pudong route that it led us to upgrade mid-range routes like this to widebodies? Remember how we expedited the construction of a lounge in Changi, something we did not do in Honolulu or Gatwick when we wanted to expand operations there to 20 frequencies daily? Singapore is a special case. It's where local Chinese will go for holidays. It's where many businessman make deals with. Even the Chinese leaders have signed deals with the Singapore government over various aspects. Of course, don't forget our original goal, that is to beat Singapore Airlines at their own home base with regards to the routes we can serve. With all of that in mind, shouldn't declaring Singapore a focus city be natural? Many airlines do that, there is that airline from the US of A who called Haneda their focus city, while another one is currently attempting to have huge emphasis on Beijing and declaring it a focus city. This isn't a business destination like London, this isn't a leisure destination like Honolulu, this is something special on its own that deserves recognition," said Mr Adam Bickerson, Manager of Operations (South East Asia, Oceania and the Pacific Islands). "I am sure the board would stand by us in this decision. If that is the only way for us to boost of presence in Changi, I guess that is the way we will take to strengthen our hold on the Singapore-China market." "Based on the plan you proposed, we would have more than 45 frequencies into Singapore daily. Sounds unrealistic to focus on one destination, especially since we may not have enough crew to rotate about in Singapore, as well as a method to hold aircraft in Singapore." "Then adopt that optional section of the proposal. Open a crew base in Singapore and even recruit locals there. With Foreign Direct Investment into Singapore, I am sure the government would welcome us with open arms." Mr Bickerson stood up as he prepared to leave. "Mr Li, I shall leave you to think about it, considering you make the final decision. Really, as an airline we have made lots of decisions that do not make sense. While we fly to Gatwick, we chose Dulles over Baltimore; we fly to both Newark and JFK, while you rejected my offer to fly to both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang. Really, we can make this decision to launch a new focus city in China." With that, he walked out of the CEO's room. Mr Li sat down on his chair. Looking out of the window and across the skyline in Pudong, he reconsidered the benefits of such a plan. "我们有必要赌这场战吗?" he muttered as he went back to reading the proposal presented by Mr Bickerson.
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Behind the scenes: The struggle for Singapore-China routes (2)

27th October 2019 Reading the local newspaper in the Phoenix Airlines office in Singapore, Mr Bickerson was surprised to notice that Phoenix Airlines had a classified advertisement in the The Straits Times. The advertisement states that Phoenix Airlines is looking for local ground crew to staff the counters at Singapore Changi Airport, as well as cabin crew with generous benefits. He took the page and brought it to the marketing department, but the workers there have absolutely no idea who posted the advert. "We weren't told to place such a recruitment advert," said one of the local staff. "Maybe HQ has something to do with this?" asked the other. Mr Bickerson walked back to his seat at the other end of the office. The brand new office, which only opened less than a week ago, was located within the Changi Airport. He sat down at his desk and scrolled through the messages in his inbox. "But Mr Li didn't reply me on whether the proposal was approved, why would this advertisment have been placed? Besides, it is rare for an advertisement to be placed directly from HQ, instead of being placed through the local staff," he muttered.
Back in Pudong, Mr Li had just finished a discussion with Mr Bing Hao, Phoenix Airlines' chief recruitment officer. They have agreed to begin recuritment in Singapore, with Mr Bing calling on the staff management team to begin recuritment process in Singapore. Coming back from his trip to San Francisco, he has started the process that leads to the declaration of a focus city in Singapore, after much convincing from Ms Lucy.
"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboard Phoenix Airlines flight PF104 bound for Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Please be informed that due to congestion in Chinese Airspace, our departure time would be delayed by another 20 minutes. Please sit back and relax as we wait for the signal to leave the gate. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused." Mr Wang Hongshao was sitting in the main cabin. Hearing this usual announcement, he sighed. Being a Chinese citizen, he knows the headache he faces with the congested Chinese airspace. He took the time to turn around and saw that the entire cabin seems to be filled to the brim. “我还是认为凤凰航空可以增加班次。每次订票时都有预先订票,否则位子会所剩无几。”

Turning around, Mr Wang was surprised to see someone sitting in the seat beside him. He never expected to be able to communicate with him in person, let alone sitting in economy class with this person. The person sitting to his right in the window seat was also presently surprised to see this person.

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