Ongoing Game Discussions?

Anyone else finding the game since update boring and mountainous?

I find the game very beautiful and I like it very much. The staff must be making a huge effort to make this game work and there are costs that someone has to bear because the game is free. The problem is that the system does everything and leaves us very little to do. I could leave the game for a year and come back and everything would be absolutely the same. I would just find a lot of money to invest. This is not disrespectful to the work the staff does. I am grateful and have been with them from the beginning but I agree with you that we should have more tasks to execute and not sit back and watch.

I change hub every reset, that’s very challening but what I miss from cyberairlines is alliances. Then I would like to handle passengers on transit as a real hub but I can’t.

Alliances are on this list for sure @D960. Just a lot of coding and decisions to be made with them. Plus I know there are other things as well to add. It’s just getting the time to do it.

I agree with Dokhu that since the game does the flying unlike CA where you had to launch them and such, it can for that reason seem boring. But alas the community decided way back in the day (think within the first year) that they would like to have auto flights. When we first started the flights were just like CA.

Why do you say the game has got more boring since the reset @Chunga_International? If anything the difficulty has increased to make bigger airlines harder to achieve. Is that it, since it takes longer?

Overall this game has the same issue as pretty much any other airline game out there. At some point there is a point when you serve every airport with A380’s (/s) and there is nothing more to do. The resets kinda help with that in you start over and make new strategies though. Hopefully as more features are added the path is different each time to give new interest and strategies.

I agree with you @Dokhu, Unk has done a great job with it so far, even with all work he has had to do with real life jobs. It’s a nice clean interface and plays well. I look forward to whatever effort he is able to put into it.


I actually get on Aen quite often and I always do different things from adjusting seat configurations, swapping aircraft’s routes to achieve better profitability, adjust marketing and prices to plan for the future and even just doing research on the in game world.

I agree it may be boring in that everything you do is more of the same and as your airline grows you don’t have to micromanage as much as early on but the “boredom” doesn’t get to me because I didn’t really expect too much from a game where you manage an airline. There’s only so many features and task that can be added before it becomes less of a game and more like a chore.

It is by design and purpose a slower burning game, but there is a lot to do if you want to achieve the best results. There is a reason players like myself and others have multiple spreadsheets with data and what not we maintain in order to keep track of our operations and to make them as efficient as possible. Yes you can just keep everything at default and keep going if you want, but that sort of defeats the purpose.

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The exact opposite this is by far the best airline sim out there.
In my opinion.

What type of spreadsheet are you using and for what purpose

Examples would be 1 in which I have all my flights listed with time tables, which plane, which type, seat config and pricing.

An other is a work in progress to see what sort of IFE/IFS is needed to maintain 100% reputation.

want to share an example

What I mean is that I have been doing a lot of work on spreadsheets. But we should be doing more work inside the game than outside of it.

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1 will be released to the public in a few weeks when it is completely done (it is like 10,000 points of data so it takes a bit of time)

The other shows all my current operations so I am not going to share that one for competitive reasons :slight_smile: