OASYS - The World is a Step Away

Ownership: 49% World Airlines Group, 10% Union Air Corporation, 17% Global Group, 17% Nordic Group, 7% Other investors

OASYS - The World is a Step Away

OASYS is an Australian full-service carrier, specializing in international and long-haul flights. However, don’t think that our domestic network is small - far from it, in fact! OASYS is the largest airline in Australia, and operates a variety of routes, spanning from Europe to Asia to Oceania, The Americas, and more! If your journey takes you anywhere near the beautiful country of Australia, you bet that we have a flight for you! Our luxurious, award-winning service can take you all over the world, and you’ll never be disappointed.


OASYS operates a large fleet of comfortable, modern aircraft. Ever since the last Boeing 757-200 left our fleet, our average fleet age has been one of the lowest in the world - and we pride ourselves on that! We operate all types of aircraft, from small regional jets up to the mighty Boeing 747.

Boeing 747-8

The 747 is called the Queen of the Skies for a reason - it’s the most royal and luxurious plane out there! OASYS’ 747s include all four award-winning classes of service, and you’ll be sure to find a seat that’s perfect for you! The 747-8 also features showers on the upper deck, which are available for those travelling in First and Business classes, and the Koala bar is available on the lower deck for those in First and Business class.

Boeing 787-10

The largest variant of the 787, the -10 is an excellent plane for routes to Asia that require just a bit more capacity. The Boeing 787 is a cutting-edge airliner made with carbon fiber and other composites, and it has proven itself as an excellent addition to the OASYS fleet. Despite operating only six routes, the largest variant, the -10 provides an excellent passenger experience, outfitted with all four classes of OASYS service.

Boeing 787-9

In addition to being the most popular member of the 787 family, the 787-9 is also the most versatile. Equipped with all four classes of service and an incredibly long range, the 789 is excellent for the majority of OASYS long-haul routes. From operating trans-continental flights between Perth and popular east coast destinations to flights to Europe from Perth and North America from all hubs, the 787-9 is a marvel of the modern aviation world. This plane really can do it all, and OASYS loves to use it to its full extent. With luxurious features including our industry-leading Global suites in first class to our extra recline and legroom in economy, you’ll always have a great time on the -9!

Boeing 787-8

The Boeing 787-8 is the smallest member of the Dreamliner family, but it still does a great job of being one of the most comfortable planes in the sky. The 787-8 can be seen flying from our Sydney hub to a variety of short and long-haul destinations, including the Gold Coast, Perth, Mexico City, Tokyo, Singapore, and more. You’ll often see a 787-8 as the second daily flight on a route in addition to a larger 787 or a 747, as they work perfectly to fill in any extra demand. The -8 also works excellently on lower demand, point-to-point routes such as Sydney to Brunei, where a larger plane would not be able to offer as many frequencies per week. The 787-8 comes armed with three classes of service: Business, Premium, and Economy.

Airbus A350-900ULR

OASYS will soon be taking delivery of Airbus’ newest technological marvel, the A350-900ULR. This aircraft couples comfort with an extremely long range. This aircraft will feature all four marvelous classes of service, from First all the way to Economy. All passengers will enjoy bars and social areas to relax and hang out during the longest of flights in the world, including the longest flight in the world, from Sydney to London, flight OJ 1. The A350 will only operate the longest routes at OASYS, such as Sydney to New York, Brisbane to Toronto, and Sydney to Helsinki.

Boeing 737-900ER / MAX 9

The Boeing 737 is the most popular jet airliner in the world, with over 10,000 planes delivered since its introduction in 1968. OASYS has operated many 737 variants, but the -900ER is the highest-capacity operated to date. This stretched variant can seat up to 160 passengers in OASYS’ configuration, featuring Premium and Economy classes. The -900ER will eventually be replaced by the 737 MAX 9, an updated variant with newer technology, better fuel efficiency, and greater comfort, with the last -900ER slated to leave the fleet in 2026.

Boeing 737-800 / MAX 8

The 737-800 is the most popular modern 737 variant, and for good reason. This plane has a superb range and a seating capacity that is perfect for many routes. OASYS is slowly replacing the 737-800 with the 737 MAX 8, and the last -800 will likely leave the fleet in 2020. The MAX 8 features updated avionics, engines, and cabins, and truly represents the future of narrow-body jet airliners.

Boeing 737-700 / MAX 7

NOTE: The missing city / airport above is PPP (Proserpine).

The 737-700 is a popular airliner, but the biggest boon to its success is a perfect combination of range and capacity. Because of this, the 737-700 can be used on almost any route, especially longer, transcontinental routes. OASYS uses the -700 heavily out of Perth for this very reason. The 737-700 is being retired in favor of the updated 737 MAX 7, and will leave the fleet by 2021.

Boeing 737-600

The smallest variant of the popular 737, the -600 isn’t so popular, but we can’t figure out why! It’s excellent range and runway capacities provide an incredible level of flexibility. The -600 is in use from all four of our hubs - the only aircraft to have this prestigious role. The -600 will be replaced by the 737 MAX 7 by 2025.

Boeing 737-700ER

The Boeing 737-700ER is a stunning plane, more capable than any other narrow-body jet. Based of Boeing’s popular BBJ1, the -700ER features an extended range of over 5,700 nautical miles, and is able to operate dozens of OASYS routes that would not be possible with a larger aircraft, such as a 787. The -700ER features Business class, Premium and Economy classes, as well as personal in-flight entertainment at every seat. This aircraft can be seen operating from Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. A special note about this aircraft is that it operates OASYS’ around-the-world service from Sydney to Sydney, operated once a week.

Bombardier CRJ-1000

The CRJ-1000 is the largest variant of the popular Bombardier CRJ regional jet, used by airlines around the globe. While the CRJ-1000 is actually only a bit smaller than a 737-600, at 81 seats compared to 97 on the 737, it has a lovely 2-2 layout in economy and 1-2 in premium economy, which means no middle seats! The CRJ-1000 is an excellent aircraft for higher demand regional routes, and is great for adding capacity in off-peak times. Older aircraft will be phased out starting in 2023, with the replacement being the Mitsubishi MRJ-90. The last CRJ-1000 will leave the fleet in 2027.

Bombardier CRJ-900

The CRJ-900 slots in between the CRJ-700 and the CRJ-1000, perfect for all those mid-sized regional routes out there. The -900 also features the comfortable cabin of the -1000 and -700, and newer aircraft are being refitted with newer cabin elements including redesigned lavatories, larger overhead bins and mood lighting. Older aircraft will be phased out starting in 2021, being replaced by the Mitsubishi MRJ-90. The last CRJ-900 will leave the fleet in 2023.


Bombardier CRJ-700

NOTE: The missing airport code in the map above is HID.

The CRJ-700 is the smallest variant of CRJ family that OASYS operates. This aircraft operates the bulk of OASYS regional routes out of Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The -700 provides an excellent range for the longer routes to destinations such as Vanuatu and Nauru, but also the small size and great runway capability for most other destinations.

Twin Otter

The Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otter is a thoroughly capable turboprop airliner, and operates certain routes that are too small to be served by even the CRJ. The Twin Otter only operates out of the Darwin hub, and operates selected regional flights. The Twin Otter replaced the Beechcraft 1900D in 2017, after 22 years of Beechcraft service came to a close. The Twin Otter may be phased out in the near future in favor of the CRJ family or a potential codeshare agreement with another carrier, although none of those plans have yet come to fruition. Twin Otter aircraft are the only aircraft in the fleet to not feature any inflight entertainment, but since they operate such short routes, looking out the window at our beautiful country should suffice!

Boeing 737 MAX 10

Starting in 2022, OASYS will be taking delivery of the largest variant of the Boeing 737, the MAX 10. This aircraft will provide industry-leading service on some of our most popular routes, such as Sydney to Melbourne and Brisbane. Additionally, select MAX 10s will be equipped with OASYS Business class for longer flights such as Perth to Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. At OASYS, we are sincerely looking forward to this new technological marvel.

Embraer E175E2, E190E2 and E195E2

OASYS has recently taken delivery of the first of many Embraer E2 jets, an E195E2. The aircraft feature the latest in jet technology, including new engines and cabin.

OASYS Charters

OASYS currently provides a wide variety of charter services for customers in the Oceania region. OASYS is certified as a wet-lease provider, and we also operate a large charter network. Our current charter fleet consists of six aircraft types: the Airbus A300-600R, the Boeing 777-200ER, the Boeing 737-700ER the Fairchild-Dornier 328JET, the Boeing 787-8 and the Boeing 757-300. The A300 will be retired in the near future and replaced by the Boeing 787-8 on charter services, so you’ll be able to travel in even more comfort. OASYS’ next charter aircraft is the Boeing 757-300, which provides a large seating capacity and is a relatively new aircraft, with the oldest airframe in the fleet clocking in at just under 19 years old! The 757s will be replaced by the 737 MAX 8 and MAX 10 in 2023, which will allow for lower prices, greater efficiency, and even more comfort. The 777-200ER fleet offers flat beds in First and Business classes, and unparalleled levels of comfort compared to most charter aircraft. The 777s are used on the highest-demand charter routes, and you can wet-lease them for some of the largest groups. The 777 can also operate to most destinations in the world non-stop, and it can reach anywhere you’d please with only a single stop en-route (runway permitting). The 777s will be retired close to 2022, when they will be replaced, most likely, with the Boeing 787-9. The 328JET is a newer regional jet, but was retired by OASYS for being too small. However, it is absolutely ideal for charter use, and OASYS takes full advantage of that. It’ll be retired around 2030, and the replacement is still yet to be known. The final member of the charter fleet is the Boeing 737-700ER. This aircraft is absolutely perfect for charters for sports teams, politicians, and other charters. The 737-700ER is configured with 48 OASYS Premium seats. OASYS’ charter fleet is available for wet-lease at any time, and also operates a variety of scheduled charter services, most operating between once and four times per month, to various destinations that may or may not see scheduled OASYS service. All charter flights that are not full and are not requested to be left empty will be sold on the OASYS website to passengers looking to fly to a charter destination. Please contact the OASYS charter team for more details or to book an aircraft for a charter or wet-lease. These are the seating configurations of our charter fleet, and some other key info should you be interested in a charter flight:
B777-200ER: 8 First Class, 42 Business Class, 193 Economy Class - Total 243 Seats. Range of 7065 Nautical Miles / 13,080 KM. Runway Requirement: 11,100 Feet. Includes on-demand in-flight entertainment.
B787-8: Details coming soon
A300-600R: 28 Business Class, 232 Economy Class - Total 260 Seats. Range of 4050 Nautical Miles / 7,500 KM. Runway Requirement: 7,900 Feet. Includes on-demand in-flight entertainment in Business class and overhead TV entertainment in Economy.
B757-300: 18 Business Class, 182 Economy Class - Total 200 Seats. Range of 3,400 Nautical Miles / 6,295 KM. Runway Requirement: 8,550 Feet. Includes on-demand entertainment in Business Class and overhead TV entertainment in Economy.
B737-700ER: 48 Premium class - total 48 seats. Range of 5,775 Nautical Miles / 10,695 KM. Runway requirement: 7,000 feet. Includes on-demand in-flight entertainment at all seats.
D328-300JET: 30 Economy Class - Total 30 Seats. Range of 2000 Nautical Miles / 3,700 KM. Runway Requirement: 4,500 Feet. Includes complimentary iPads equipped with in-flight entertainment on flights over 3.5 hours.
Use the data above if you’d like to charter or lease an OASYS aircraft. OASYS also offers tickets on-board the last leg of our delivery flights of Used aircraft - the leg that ends in Australia - feel free to book them as normal flights on OASYS.com

OASYS Air Shuttle

All flights operated on-board our Bombardier CRJ, Viking Air Twin Otter, and our Embraer E2 Jets are operated under the OASYS Air Shuttle brand. Air shuttle flights provide connections onwards throughout the world. All OASYS Air Shuttle flights are operated by OASYS pilots and crew.

OASYS Seats & Services

OASYS is the most luxurious airline in Australia, and inside our modern and quiet fleet, we offer stunning seats and service that will surprise you to no end!

First Class

OASYS First class ensures that you have the best flight absolutely possible on-board. OASYS utilizes the Thompson GlobalSuite originally designed by Thompson Aerospace in co-operation with Global Airways, and modified by leading Australian architects and designers. The suites are laid out in a 1-1-1 configuration on the 787, and a 1-1 configuration on the upper deck of the 747. These suites feature floor-to-ceiling walls and electric sliding doors, as well as two minibars containing snacks and drinks. First class suites also feature large TV screens, as well as the ability to have two people dine in one suite. Middle suites on the 787 feature virtual windows so passengers can still see a high-definition view of the outside world without being in a window suite. First class passengers can dine whenever they like, so you can have one meal or three! The entire menu is available throughout the entire flight, so you can eat what you want when you want. Steak with a bowl of oatmeal on the side? Go ahead! Want some midnight munchies? Indulge yourself! OASYS First is the ultimate flying experience.

Business Class

We looked and looked for a good business class seat, but we came up blank. So, we just made our own! We started with the cutting-edge Apex Suite - so luxurious already that most airlines don’t use it. Then, we did something mind-boggling - we added doors! That’s right - this is Business class, not First class, and we have doors! Add in our minibar compartment, huge TV, and multi-course meals, and you’ve got the best business class ever!

Premium Economy

OASYS Premium Economy is one of the most spacious premium economy products available when compared to most airlines! A step up from Economy, Premium Economy offers you extra legroom at 42” of seat pitch, as well as additional seat width and amenities. Premium economy passengers are served multi-course meals on long-haul flights, and are offered enhanced amenity kits, bedding, and more!


When most people consider flying, they think of flying economy as akin to torture. And on most other airlines, it is. However, on OASYS, we haven’t adopted the trend of uncomfortable slimline seats, limited legroom and recline, or a lack of seatback entertainment. OASYS Economy offers a industry-leading seat pitch of 34 inches, and even more legroom is available in select exit row and bulkhead seats at no additional charge! OASYS Economy seats also include additional seat width when compared to other airlines, thanks to having fewer seats per row on Boeing 787 aircraft than the industry average, and redesigned aisles and armrests that allow for more room for you.

In-Flight Entertainment

OASYS’ in-flight entertainment system, OASYS OnBoard, features enough content that you could fly OASYS for a month straight and not run out of things to watch, listen to, interact with, or otherwise enjoy. Our entertainment selection includes an enormous variety of movies, TV shows, games, music, e-books, audiobooks, information, and more! There is something for everyone, from documentaries to dramas, sci-fi to mystery, and moving maps to breaking news. OASYS also offers inflight WiFi, available at a low cost to Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class passengers, and complimentary for those flying in First Class. All passengers without complimentary WiFi receive 10 megabytes of free internet access, and members of our frequent flyer program, Hemisphere Miles, receive 15 megabytes. OASYS also offers live satellite TV on select long-haul aircraft, and cellular service is available on most long-distance flights.

OASYS Network

At OASYS, we believe in letting everyone have affordable and luxurious air service! That’s why we fly to more destinations than any other Australian carrier, and offer more frequencies than other airlines in most markets! Routes that are not served by the OASYS fleet are served by Regional Express Airlines through a codeshare agreement. OASYS is currently in the process of submitting a bid to purchase Regional Express (REX), as they offer an excellent range of regional services. The OASYS network covers routes as small as Nauru and as large as Singapore and Tokyo. Out of our hubs at Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Darwin, we operate over 250 routes to a multitude of countries around the world.

Hemisphere Miles

Hemisphere Miles is OASYS’ frequent flyer program. Get rewarded for flying with OASYS - any flight counts! More details coming soon!

OASYS History

OASYS was founded in 1947 with World War II surplus DC-3s, and specialized in operating international flights, sometimes being the only air service that an airport would see. With the aviation industry booming in Australia and Oceania, the airline introduced the Canadair North Star and the Douglas DC-6 in 1950 to start even more long routes, including the first route for OASYS to the US - to Honolulu. OASYS also started flights to Japan and Hong Kong. In 1954, OASYS ordered the DC-7, but it didn’t last long in the fleet, as OASYS entered the Jet age in 1960 with the Douglas DC-8-10. Soon, however, it was discovered that the 707 had more range and lower operating costs, so the 707-320B was ordered, and soon the first routes to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver were started. The 707 also began the first “Kangaroo” route, operating from Sydney to London via Singapore, Delhi, Bahrain, and Rome. Regional airliners also started to become an item at OASYS in 1966, with the introduction of the first BAC One-Eleven, followed by the DC-9 family. OASYS would operate the DC-9-10, DC-9-20, and DC-9-30 aircraft, with the last DC-9 being retired in 2004. The DC-9s were replaced by the Boeing 737 Classic series, which is also when regional operations really began to take off. The Fokker F27 and the Handley Page Jetstream were introduced in 1969 and 1970, respectively, and each served for many years. The F27 was eventually replaced by the F50 and the Jetstream was replaced with the Beechcraft 1900D. The 1970s, however, where when the age of the jumbo jet really took off. OASYS placed an order for the Boeing 747-100 in 1969, and deliveries started in 1972. The 747-100 enabled flights to New York with just one stop in Honolulu, and allowed for additional capacity on popular routes such as Tokyo. The long-range 747SP was introduced in 1978, and enabled direct flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as one-stop flights to London and Paris. The larger 747-300 was selected for the fleet in 1984, and operated on the most popular routes. The 747-100 and 747-300 were finally replaced by the 747-400 starting in 1996, when the first 747-100 was retired. The 747-400ER was also introduced in 2005. The 747SP was not retired until 2015, when it was replaced by the 747-8. The -8 also replaced the -400s and the -400ERs. In 1986, OASYS ordered its first Airbus aircraft, the A310, which remained in the fleet until early 2018, when it was replaced by the 787. The A300-600R was also operated in small numbers, and was also replaced at the same time as the A310 (the final A310 and A300 flights landed at the same time). Another niche aircraft ordered by OASYS was the 757. OASYS ordered both the -200 and the -300. The -200 was retired in 2018, and the -300 will be retired by 2023, but is currently only in-fleet for charter use. The Boeing 777-200ER was introduced in 1998, and was the only 777 to be in the fleet, having been retired and sold in 2016. In 1998, the same year as the Fokker F50 was introduced, the Dornier 328JET was added into the fleet for regional services from Perth. The F50 and the 328JET were both replaced by the CRJ family, which was inducted into the fleet in early 2006. However, the Fokker and the Dornier remained in service until 2015 and 2017, respectively. The Beechcraft was also retired in 2017, having been replaced by the Twin Otter. The 737 classics were replaced by the 737 NG, which were introduced in 2002. However, the classics could still be seen flying until 2007, when the last 737-500 was replaced with a 737-600.

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OASYS Announces Agreement With Wright Electric

As the future of aviation must be a sustainable one, OASYS has made the bold decision to invest in that future, with a new agreement with Wright Electric, the first electric jet manufacturer. The Wright Electric jet will likely be in service with airlines by 2027. OASYS has agreed to purchase 10 of the jets should production proceed as scheduled, with the first delivery scheduled for 2028. OASYS passengers should prepare for quieter, cheaper and more sustainable flights, powered by the new jet. The aircraft will be deployed on shorter services, such as Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, and Melbourne to Hobart.

And thus, range anxiety has arrived in the aviation market.


The future is here.

Good work.

Range anxiety is the same as it would be for a conventional airliner :slight_smile:

The Wright features swappable batteries, which makes charging super easy and effective.

Thank you!

You just brought back all the feels of CA with your post I remember making route maps for my RP back in the CA days lol love the thread bro greatly done!

Thanks! Appreciate it! The route maps did take a while to make lol. GCmap and Imgur are not the most efficient machines :wink:

OASYS Begins New Zealand Domestic Operations

As of next week, OASYS will offer daily direct flights between Queenstown and Auckland, New Zealand. The flights will operate as tags onto the Queenstown - Sydney route, which itself is operated twice daily, during the time that the aircraft would otherwise be sitting on the ground at Queenstown. This new route comes as part of a large OASYS New Zealand expansion, which will include new routes throughout the country, operating from multiple major airports. Now, New Zealand passengers can experience OASYS, where The World is a Step Away.

The Queenstown-Auckland route will be operated with flight numbers 1048 / 1049 and will utilize a Boeing 737-700. We hope to see you on-board our new service soon.

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OASYS Adds Wellington-Auckland Flights

As an add-on to the Brisbane-Melbourne-Wellington route, OASYS has announced a Wellington-Auckland flight, operated with the Boeing 737-600. The flight will be operated daily, and will hopefully be expanded to as many as eight daily services in the near future.

The Queenstown-Auckland route is beginning to catch on with passengers, with an average load factor of 62%, which has been increasing steadily. OASYS hopes to provide around five daily flights on the Queenstown-Auckland flight as part of expansion plans.

OASYS Launches Christchurch-Auckland Route

OASYS, Australia’s largest and most luxurious airline, has announced a new route between Christchurch and Auckland, which will operate daily with a Boeing 737-800. The route is an extension of the Sydney-Christchurch service, and will depart Christchurch in the evening for Auckland, returning the following morning. The route offers ideal timing for a day trip to Christchurch, allowing the entire day in the Southern city before returning to Auckland.

OASYS hopes to provide up to 12 daily services on the Auckland-Christchurch route, and this is just the beginning. Passengers will soon be able to book additional OASYS services within New Zealand. Stay tuned for more information regarding expansion.

OASYS Launches new ULR Routes

OASYS, Australia’s leading airline, has announced a massive expansion to ultra-long-haul services, with the delivery of three brand-new Airbus A350-900ULR aircraft.

The first expansion is to Toronto, which will see a service increase from two to five weekly flights, allowing passengers to connect throughout North America on the expansive Maple Air network.

The second expansion is a brand-new route from Sydney to Paris-Orly, hub of partner airline Alytus. Orly Airport is Paris’ most convenient airport due to its proximity to the city, and passengers will be able to connect through the airport to destinations throughout Europe, including Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Manchester, Dublin and many, many more. Orly will initially see six weekly flights from Sydney, with an expansion to daily service planned when more aircraft are delivered.

The final expansion stemming from the new aircraft is an increase in service to Singapore, with three new weekly services on Fridays, Sundays and Mondays.

OASYS Makes Massive Regional Fleet Changes

OASYS has announced an order for the Embraer E2 series jets, including all three variants. The aircraft will be used to replace the Bombardier CRJ Aircraft currently in fleet. Additionally, OASYS has cancelled a large order for Mitsubishi SpaceJet Aircraft due to production delays. The CRJ aircraft will continue to be retired with the same schedule as before thanks to this update.

Thanks to an agreement with Embraer, OASYS has already taken delivery of the first Embraer E195 E2 jet, which has been used to retire CRJ1000 VH-GCA. The new aircraft will initially be used on the Sydney to Melbourne, Melbourne to Adelaide and Sydney to Ayers Rock routes, each with one daily flight.

The Embraer E2 jets are the newest and greatest from the Brazilian manufacturer and will allow OASYS to grow the fleet at a faster level than with other aircraft.

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OASYS Retires Airbus A300

OASYS has retired the last Airbus A300 from the charter fleet, a few months behind schedule. The aircraft were originally part of the mainline fleet, but were replaced by the Boeing 787-8 in 2016.

A few A300s continued in the OASYS Charters fleet until 2019, when all but one aircraft, VH-ZZA were retired. The final plane has now been replaced with a Boeing 787-8, which will serve with the charters division full time.

The A300 has served OASYS for 30 years, and has proven itself as a reliable and important aircraft in the OASYS fleet. During its service in the mainline fleet, the A300 operated many routes the 787-8 and 787-9 operate currently, including many flights between Australia and various Asian destinations. The A300 was the backbone of the regional wide-body fleet, and it will be missed.

However, passengers are much more likely to prefer the Boeing 787-8 over the A300, as the 787 is equipped with more modern cabin components, including the OASYS Suites in Business Class, on-demand in-flight entertainment in all classes, and a quieter cabin. The 787 also has a much lower impact on the environment due to its lower fuel consumption.