Newbie: Not earning revenue. Did I miss something?

Hello everyone,

I didn’t see a sub-forum for all of those newbie questions that keep getting asked over and over again, so I’ll go ahead and post my question here. If there is such a sub-forum, perhaps it could be added to the robot introduction-to-the-forums that I just completed.

In most games, we’re used to instant gratification. I wind up my new plane, send it on its route, and 30 second later I hear the clink-clink-clink of coins. Not so with AE, of course, because this is real-time and I understand that patience is necessary.

I started about 12 hours ago so perhaps it takes a day or two to get rolling. Thus far, I have flown zero passengers. Here’s my setup. Can you kind folks please tell me if I have missed something:

My current airline awareness is 4.29%
I have five routes configured. Below, I’ve drilled down into the details for one of them.

  • All gates at all destinations have been leased
  • Aircraft has configurations (i.e. seats) and IFE (i.e. meals) set
  • Route flies every day
  • Route awareness is 1.07% (If I’m reading that correctly)
  • This is an overnight flight, which departs Asia at 18:00 and arrives North America at 11:30
  • Flight then departs North America at 15:00 and arrives Asia 16:30.
  • Airline marketing spend is about $1.5m per week
  • Route marketing is $25,000 per week each way
  • Route demand is high. My reputation Low. Ticket Price Average. Competition Low

Have I done everything or did I miss something?
Or does it just take several days (possibly weeks) until my airline’s route awareness builds up high enough?


It is super helpful if you tell us your airline name. The details are nice but we also need to know the routes.

Here’s a couple things I’m noticing:

1.) You have three different aircraft families, at most when starting out you should have two though one is even better. Especially the 787 will drive up weekly cost quickly.
2.) Long haul also isn’t the best idea when starting unless you want an extremely slow start.
3.) Airline marketing is unneeded when starting out, you want to focus on route awareness.

So for route awareness to boost that as quick as possible you want to fly it several times per day. Once it gets high enough you can start increasing past base prices. Try to avoid routes with others on them otherwise you take a hit.

Japan isn’t a terrible place to start but I would restart personally. Focus on short to medium ops then you can start building up. The 737 or A320 family is your best bet starting out. I would say it takes up to a month before you really start rolling. Unfortunately unlike when the game started last Fall the competition in the used market is a little intense. There are a couple spammers (well one in particular) that buy a good 75% of cheaper planes.

Also, if you are able, join the Discord, you can get a lot faster responses.

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Very good perspectives. Thank you for sharing!
Yes, I see a restart in my future.

I will spend the next few days experimenting and try out some of your suggestions before I pull the plug.

That’s a great idea actually. Hope it turns out well!