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Hi Friend. Welcome aboard MOSKVA, the largest airline in the homeland. MOSKVA is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world with a very high ratio of premium passengers compared to most other airlines. MOSKVA serves many destinations including United States, Canada, England, and Mongolia. Currently MOSKVA serves 2 destination within the country and 11 destinations abroad.

MOSCOW has a quite suitable headquarters and serves the hub at the MOSCOW Sheremetyevo airport. This airport has many modern amenities. Hope to see you there soon.

The current composition of the MOSKVA fleet is as follows
A321neo: 5
A319ceo: 2
A318: 1
A321neoLR: 1
A330-200: 1


By Cham Sui
25 March 2021 MOSKVA have started flying their A330 “Peter the Great” between Moscow Sheremetyevo - A.S. Pushkin and Los Angeles. I was among the first passengers to fly on this inaugural flight.

There was a gate ceremony including the Mayor of Moscow, Patriach of Moscow and all Rus, the Minister for Transport, and the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency. The Minister for Transport and the head of the FATA gave very brief speeches about the great achievement of Moskva, and then the CEO of Moskva, Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, gave a longer one.

AvGeeks from all over the world traveled to Russia (or Los Angeles) to be on the first flight. Moskva did not disappoint, as every first flight passenger received a gift at the gate before boarding.

As I boarded, I received a boarding certificate with the flight details. Along with that, I recieved a special amenity kit with the skyline of the Kremlin printed on it. This amenity kit was special to this flight and given to everyone on the inaugural flight.


The interior was very well presented. In first and business classes, the Tyrian purple of the seats meshed very well with the fir wood accents. In the economy and premium economy cabins, seats were a mix of seats with a muted sky blue colour and seats with a dark red colour. This really helps to break of the homogenity of these cabins.

Moskva runs a four class seating arrangement on their single A330-200 RA92001 “Peter the Great”. They have 6 First Class suites in a 1-1-1 configuration, 18 Business class lie flats in a 1-2-1 configuration, 24 Premium economy seats in 2-3-2, and 163 economy seats in 2-4-2.

My seat was 1A, a first class window suite in the front of the plane. The seat is very wide and very well padded. On my side there was ample storage in the form of cubbies and the side table could be lifted to reveal a quite large storage space underneath. The suite included a 40 inch 4k personal monitor, one of the best in it’s class and plenty of USB and universal power outlets. There was also an HDMI input port, though I did not use this function.

Food and Beverage
After I boarded, I was asked what I wanted to drink. I selected the Bellini, a cocktail with sparkling wine and peach puree. I was also offered warmed nuts in some fine china.

Moskva’s premium cabin meals are designed in partnership with Chef Vladimir Luhkin. About an hour into the flight, the meal service started. It was a lengthy affair, taking almost two hours. The was quite good, with a lot of food.

IFE and Wi-Fi
The IFE was very modern and responsive. There were a couple of Live TV channels and the latest hollywood and russian movies. WiFi was cheap and fast, only $10 for the entire flight.

The bedding was quite comfortable, and the pillows were outstanding. The cabin crew was very quick, too, allowing me to spend more time sleeping.

The breakfast was amazing. There was a high quantity of very high quality foods. I could have thought that I was eating on a land based restaurant.

I really enjoyed flying on Moskva. Their hard product was one of the best I have experienced.


Moskva’s Route Map
Russian Federation and Central Asia
Western Europe
North America


“Cham Sui” was a nice touch lol.


From Le Gars des Points

MOSKVA to launch 2 new routes to London City Airport

Amelie Macnott
MOSKVA is setting its sights on London’s most central aerodrome.

Today, MOSKVA announced that they will launch two new routes to London City Airport (LCY) this week. From 10 April, MOSKVA will begin flying to LCY from both Moscow-Sheremetyevo (SVO) and St. Petersburg (LED).

LCY to Moscow will operate twice daily whilst LCY to St. Petersburg will operate once daily. Both routes will be served with an Airbus A318 aircraft, RA91009. Fares start at £183 to Moscow and £163 to St. Petersburg. The schedule will operate as follows to Moscow.

SU91 London City (LCY)    00:00 Departure ⇒ Moscow (SVO)         05:10
SU92 Moscow (SVO)         05:45 Departure ⇒ London City (LCY)    06:55
SU95 London City (LCY)    14:10 Departure ⇒ Moscow (SVO)         19:20
SU96 Moscow (SVO)         19:55 Departure ⇒ London City (LCY)    21:05

To St. Petersburg, the flights are scheduled as follows:

SU93 London City (LCY)    07:30 Departure ⇒ St. Petersburg (LED) 12:15
SU94 St. Petersburg (LED) 12:50 Departure ⇒ London City (LCY)    13:35

These two new flights from MOSKVA will allow for a more productive day for international businesspeople.

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Attribution: Семён Борисов