Monthly Taxation

Hey Y’all,

Love this game, but this new taxation system is an absolute drag.


It takes me more than 20 days out of the month to get back into the positive. This last round, -$420mil and only make about $20mil a day. So give or take 10 days to have some money to do something with my airline, but then right back to square one. Couldn’t there be some adjustments to the tax levels?


Unfortunately it has to be this way until more game mechanics can be implemented such as additional maintenance costs and breakdowns to make the game more fair. Before this tax, we got quite a few complaints about the game being impossible for new players because they couldn’t buy any cheap aircraft. It got so bad that within 2 seconds of a good aircraft spawning it would be bought. This is how we level the playing field for now.

For whatever it’s worth, I agree with NDRS. I’ve been playing a couple years now and remember how it used to be for new players; it was a challenge to get used aircraft but do-able and leasing/buying new aircraft became more important due to the lack of cheap used aircraft.

Now with this revenue tax system, I have to reset my airline every 3-4 months for the reasons NDRS said. It’s just not nearly as much fun.


I’m facing that right now. I want to see if my operating revenue takes a chunk out of the deficit through this next week. If not, time to start again.

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While the taxation is indeed high, I note that it is relatively progressive and it hits way more ridiculously for big airlines (we probably only have around 3 days where we are in the green).

Try something - let your money roll over for a few months before smashing the money on planes. And try more efficient planes in that case.

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I made a sheet: Route profit calc - Google Sheets

You can use that to actually see how much money you make on a route, when you hit the higher tax brackets you need to be really be optimizing everything and and cutting routes that do not work. On top of that realize how much money you actually have free to spend on fleet expansion and such. The current way of going deeply into the red will not be viable likely in the future.

Yes it is a lot of maths and numbers, but well you are running a darn airline, not an easy business to be in at the best of times.

Don’t think so. With 100 aircraft I am below 200,000,000.00!


Thanks for all the comments, everyone. Just to update - this month I was over -$728,000,000 and that was going in green with about $75,000,000. Now it will take me about 25 days to see green again, leaving only 5ish days to play.

I don’t believe this is leveling the playing field. This is setting up the big airlines for absolute failure :frowning: I’m assuming at the end of this month, I won’t be able to make a profit anymore after the taxes.

Long time user of this game, since its inception. Buttttt, I’m having a really hard time with this adaption.


It is entirely possible to still maintain a large airline many people are doing it. It just does require a more careful approach you need to make sure you are running optimal, just spamming without care is no longer a solution to playing the game.

Now keep in mind these taxes will be reduced at some point when other elements are working properly to balance things out without needing this rather brute force approach, but even then you will still need to properly plan out your operations.

Expect hence the game to only get more difficult, but it will get more difficult in a more fun way. For now this is the only way a starting airline can keep access to the used market, which is crucial in this game in the way it has been set up currently.