Money transfer and subsidiaries

Hello fellow AE CEOs,
When looking at my airline strategy, I want to have my “mainline” fly the longer routes while a regional subsidiary airline should fly the shorter ones. At the moment this isn’t even possible closely. In addition to this, you should be able to link these two airlines and transfer money and profits inbetween them.

What do you guys think about that?

Its an interesting concept and would help with realism but looking at it from a gameplay perspective, what would be the advantages of doing this? You could just fly the regional and long routes with your main airline right?

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I could, but seperate Marketing, strategies and fleets are easier to manage and overlook than one larger pile of different ones.

Is this of interest for you? :smile: :+1:

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It is something people want, I am not against the idea, but it is something for post-release, once the game is stable and relatively bug-free we can look into it.

Right now we need to limit growth - not make it faster :joy:

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