Last Post Wins Round 13

You know the drill, nonsense within the rules and whenever a mod or admin feels like it they close and some one ‘wins’ it for whatever that be worth. I guess you can look at the list below to see the ‘lucky’ ones :slight_smile:

Round 1: Whitefright
Round 2: Carde
Round 3: Unknown98
Round 4: sfk
Round 5: sfk
Round 6: dkdd
Round 7: Carde
Round 8: Whitefright
Round 9: ALT2870
Round 10: dyeng01
Round 11: M.H_Corbett_990
Round 12: WhiteFright (I cheated it goes to ALT2870)

Let the madness resume once more!

Welp. :rofl:


F in the chat.