Last post wins, round 12

You know the drill, nonsense within the rules and whenever a mod or admin feels like it they close and some one ‘wins’ it for whatever that be worth. I guess you can look at the list below to see the ‘lucky’ ones :slight_smile:

Round 1: Whitefright
Round 2: Carde
Round 3: Unknown98
Round 4: sfk
Round 5: sfk
Round 6: dkdd
Round 7: Carde
Round 8: Whitefright
Round 9: ALT2870
Round 10: dyeng01
Round 11: M.H_Corbett_990

Let the madness resume once more!

No three-peats yet…


Gosh dang it

At least it finally ended

I will not be the one to close this round, so lets see how long it will take for some one else with the powers to do so instead :slight_smile:

Considering that’s like two other people, this could go on for years. :joy:

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It felt like the other one lasted forever

Well the last one went halfway through .

Maybe we’ll hit 1k this time?

In the good old days a round could easily last for a year

But how large did they get?

Thousands of posts, forums where a little more active, even more the CA days. Discord pretty much replaced the forums.


Forums are there only for things like long discussions, suggestions, roleplays, and really chunky texts

So like this then

I remember LPW threads could have up to 400 pages if not more on the old forum. There also was that one case where a moderator wanted to win a round and closed it after around 20 posts… but yeah like Carde said the forums were a lot busier back then as we didn’t have discord.

Nice long paragraph but I’m still first

not anymore

Happy early halloween!