Lagoon Air Livery request (777 or A350 variant)

Was wondering if any of you folk who have talent in this field would want to give this a shot. It would be a very basic one, pretty much take the text from the logo, put it on the fuselage which itself should be painted mat black. The engines can share the same grey as the text and the tail should just be this blue wavy pattern unless you can think of something better :slight_smile:

As by the topic title can be done on any Boeing 777 or Airbus A350 variant I fly all of them so pick whichever is your favorite.


Not sure about the matte black (the templates I use are all shiny), but I’ll give it a try.

Sorry about the blue background - Imgur added that. If you like it I can send you the proper file directly. Personally I’m not in love with the tail. I included the blue in a gradient - I didn’t like the stripey thing personally.

Yeah not a fan of the tail etiher, also engines need to be in grey.

Not really sure what to put on the tail though… Tricky.

O and which type did you pick, I can give you a registration that matches a plane in my fleet :slight_smile:

The 777-300ER - registration would be great I can definitely cahnge that.

I got rid of the grey engines because it blended a bit too much into the fuselage, but I can put them back if you prefer.

I’ll look at trying something else on the tail.

Grey Engines be good, not a fan of the white they stand out far to much.

Registrations for the 777-300ER would be HS-LBA to HS-LBD

Sounds good. I’ve updated the engines and registration and will send a new version with a better tail.