Korea Southern Airlines Request

Hi, I was wondering if someone could create a logo and a livery for Korea Southern Airlines. I think that its colors should be red white and blue and that it should try to use the red and blue yin yang logo like the one on the South Korean flag and on Korean Air, yet still be different from that airline IRL. (If you can’t come up with something different with that logo, just create something using red white and blue. It should also be mostly white, unlike Korean Air IRL.) Korea Southern Airlines flies A330-900s and plans on flying A321s.

I can give it a shot, no promises on if it turns out well!

I am not a professional graphics person, nor really even an amateur at this type of thing, but here’s my stab at it. I based the shades of blue and red off of the Korean flag, rather than the colors of Korea Air, and kept the plane mostly white - per your request. I hope it is to your liking, @Yoyo20 .

Korea Southern FINAL

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