Japan Data update

Hey all,

All airports in Japan has passenger numbers updated to the latest 2018 data released by MLIT this week. 79 updates were made and two airports added. Majority of the previous data were based on 2015 data (mostly from Wikipedia) where some airports have 2017 data. All Japanese airports that serve passengers are in the game, with the exception of a few airports without IATA codes.

Three exceptions to the updated data are Narita International Airport, Tokyo International Airport and Shimojishima Airport. NRT and HND data has already been updated to 2019 data as provided by the airport operating companies, not 2018 MLIT data. SHI is in a scenario where in 2018 it received no passenger traffic due to construction, but serves international destinations 2019 onward and has passenger traffic before 2018.

Two airports have been added:


Rural airports have generally seen a slight decline in passenger numbers, as population ages and urbanization is in full swing. Air travel overall has increased, especially to remote islands as prices have fallen. Some airports also have reduction in passengers due to competition from alternative methods of transportation such as high speed trains or a new airport.
For a breakdown of the airports and their percentage change please see this spreadsheet.