Hi, I just wanted to say Hi from United Airlines!


Who let you in!?

post has a 20 character minimum why

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I let myself in! Carrot does not need permission from Unknot any more.

The 20 character limit is only in place for your first few posts or reply or thread views as a anti spam and participation measure. Might still fine tune it later.

i mean, whats to prevent someone from doing

spam spam spam spam spam

Simple, rules in place that demand you posts contains something meaningful :slight_smile:

Anyhow the twin dragons of Canada say hello as well.

Who let you in??? Very concerned and I’m adding letters to get past filter

well if someone does write spam spam spam spam etc, the filter will flag it for manual review for the moderators. At least it should in theory. :woman_shrugging:

I think that we should get moderator!

Lol who let all y’all in? Anyway, greetings.

So uhh there’s a limit on images I can put in, apparently 1. When will I be able to put more images in my posts?

When you level up your forum account. It does some magic based on anti spam measures and various participation metrics and levels you up automatically.

Sounds good, thanks SW!

I can’t even upload my profile picture even though it’s under 4mb

Hmmmm weird. Try again and I’ll check the logs.

A few of you have wanted more ways to format your posts, so the BBCode plugin is now installed that allows for text alignment as well as font colors.

[color=red]this is red[/color]
[center]this is centered text[/center]

You can also format posts with HTML

<div align="center">This is also centered text</div>

Or markdown

*this is italics*
**this is bold**

cries in twenty character limit

The character limit goes away once you have enough participation based on some (what I believe is very low) automagic parameters. Also the 20 is only for first few posts, it goes down after that.

This board system is so wierd to use compared to the old one.

I just tried it now