General Beginners guide question

I’ve playing playing on and off for bit, but want to get more “involved”, and strategically try to build a successful Airline. Routes, airports, all that I understand. it’s the aircraft that I struggle with starting out. There’s so many different aircraft and a lot of information to sort through. Is there a decent “bang for your buck” aircraft to start out with? I’m thinking the used market is probably the place the start, or maybe leasing considering you get the first 5 right off the bat.

So here’s my opinion on how to start.

This round by and large the easiest way to start is leasing 5 new widebodies (because you can get these all at once). Widebodies make you quite a bit more money that let’s say 5 narrowbodies like A320s. In the future, we will try to update the game so that you receive all of your initial leases at once. For instance, you can lease 12 737 MAX 8s at the beginning of the game, and with the new update you would get all 12 at once. If you want to go to the used market to get around this restriction, you can but the issue is it’s hard to find 12 aircraft to lease at once, and if you do take that approach and you can’t find the planes before the next day begins, you will drop down to C credit rating and lose out.

Now in terms of “bang for your buck” aircraft, the best one no doubt is the 757-200. So if you can get your hands on a couple of those, you should. However, they are extremely hard to find and you’d be better off adding them later when you have more of a foundation that your airline’s profits are built on.

The next best option is the 737-800 or A320-200. Those typically pop up for cheap frequently and in the early stages of the game it’s easy to get them half price. Right now, they’re a little scarce, but if you want to start your airline I’d suggest waiting until the start of the month to bid. Airlines that make more money have a new revenue tax to contend with and at the beginning of the month all those airlines (including myself) are deep in debt and will be unable to bid or buy anything.

This is the best way to go that I’ve found from other players’ input and my own experience (because I’ve tried other ways and always lost out).

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Thank you for the detailed explanation. I think that was the mistake I first made, I only leased two at first, then the credit rating dropped. More of a question, but when I look at the Aircraft market, even new or lease, I don’t see the A320-200 available to purchase, just the A320neo. Now this could also be my limited aircraft knowledge too :slight_smile: Am i missing something? Also, you mentioned the 757-200 is hard to find? I see it’s not listed as an aircraft to purchase?

Yes because in the game we follow real-world availability. For example, the 757 family ended production in 2004 and the A320ceo series ended production in about 2020. Therefore, these are not available for order, hence why the 757-200 is hard to find. It’s an in demand aircraft and everyone wants them. In addition, since the game spawning aircraft rate is based on real-world aircraft numbers, the 757-200 will spawn less than the A320 series or 737NG series.