[GAME] Ban the person above you

Ban the person above you for any reason. For example, I can ban Carrot for being a carrot.

Banned for starting this game.

Banned because you said what I was going to say

Banned for participating in the game

Banned for banning me.

Banned for also banning me

Banned because a “random letter name”.

Banned for saying that.

Banned because smart people are hard to come by these days

Banned because you know it’s not a “random letter name.” Well, it is, but no.

Banned for changing avatar.

Banned for having a globe as your profile picture

Banned for having a westjet plane as an avatar.

Banned because it’s a beautiful 737-600

Banned because I can’t think of anything

Banned for not thinking.

Banned for thinking too much.

Banned for being a potato

Banned because potatoes are delicious!

Banned because potatoes are the worst vegetable