Full Game Reset

We will be performing a full game reset on September 6. All changes from the Test Environment will be implemented, except there will be some adjustments to the used market/auction systems, to ensure decent aircraft availability. Other minor enhancements are also planned, full changelog below.


  1. Base ticket prices have been reduced across all classes
  2. Max ticket price lowered from 3x base price to 2x base price, except for routes where you are the sole operator. For those routes, max ticket price is 2.5x base price.
  3. Airline reputation has an increased effect on demand
  4. Ticket prices have an increased effect on demand
  5. Route awareness has a decreased effect on demand
  6. Sole operators of a route will have increased demand
  7. Passengers are more likely to purchase in-flight services
  8. Improvements to how beverage selections impact the service rating
  9. The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union
  10. Seat slots required to install an aircraft bar have been reduced from 40 to 20
  11. Shorter flights have limitations to the number of meals that can be served
  12. Flight crew requirements have been increased to approximately 4 crew per plane to more accurately simulate staffing requirements
  13. Lease limits for CCC+, B- and B credit ratings have been increased
  14. The route marketing page has been re-done and now only displays routes where you have an active campaign. All airlines will be charged for route marketing.
  15. Broker selling price reduced from 65% of market value to 50% of market value
  16. Added the ability to swap an aircraft’s route to another aircraft
  17. Modified the route scheduling script to run in parallel. This allows multiple routes to schedule simultaneously instead of being limited to 1 route at a time. This should effectively double or triple the speed of the daily route scheduling
  18. Aircraft auctions can no longer be cancelled if an airline has already placed a bid on the aircraft
  19. Aircraft Maintenance checks implemented (including automatic & manual scheduling functionality). Maintenance checks replace the per-flight maintenance cost.
  20. Ability to sort by next maintenance check added to the fleet overview page
  21. Airlines now have the ability to create route marketing campaigns for routes that are not yet created.
  22. Adjustment made to the awareness gain received as a result of investing in airline marketing
  23. Improvements made to the flight weight calculations. The game now calculates separate weights for takeoff and landing, and uses this information to determine maximum passenger load for each flight individually in conjunction with the runway lengths at each airport.
  24. Loading time improved for the aircraft detail page, related to the display of the revenue, cost and profit figures for the aircraft. Previously the game was grabbing this data on-demand and calculating it every page load, now after each flight the game will add to the running total for each aircraft.
  25. Aircraft market value information added to the auctions page
  26. Function added to the fleet page that allows you to view active and scheduled flights for individual aircraft
  27. Improvement to the way available cash balance is calculated for placing bids on the used aircraft auctions (Bids placed on auctions that have met reserve will now be subtracted from an airline’s available cash balance when determining how much cash they have to bid on other auctions)
  28. Aircraft auctions can now be cancelled as long as the reserve has not yet been met
  29. 3rd flight crew requirements for older aircraft will be implemented into the staff calculations
  30. Dynamic range based on aircraft weight has been implemented
  31. Changes to the used market & auction systems to ensure fair aircraft availability. Probability of aircraft spawning more accurately reflects reality. A maximum of 20 aircraft spawn onto the used market every 2 hours. If not sold within 24 hours, aircraft is moved to a 2 day auction with reserve set at 50% of market value. If still not sold, aircraft is deleted from the market.
  32. Aircraft statistics have been updated across the board, including preparation for engine variants
  33. Airport statistics have been updated across the board. Every airport that has commercial service (all 3,989 of them) is now represented in-game.
  34. Certain rare/old aircraft models no longer have a hard limit on the amount that will spawn in-game
  35. Some aircraft models have been removed from the game:

Antonov An-24
Antonov An-26
de Havilland Canada DHC-7
Fokker F28

  1. Bugfix for inaccurate route research calculations. Route research should now much more accurately reflect the true route demand
  2. Bugfix for inflation returning $inf for aircraft that ended production in the current year
  3. The game now properly calculates hours remaining for each maintenance check for aircraft that spawn on the used market
  4. Aircraft that spawn onto the used market now have a minimum age of at least 5 years. This means certain newer aircraft models are unavailable used, and must be purchased new.
  5. All aircraft manufacturers now have logos represented in-game
  6. Bugfix for the demand formula counting your own flights as competition when calculating the demand boost for flying a route with no competition.
  7. Bugfix for profit displayed on the airline overview not matching what is displayed on the active flights page
  8. Change to the calculations for the 30 day and 15 day profit margins displayed on the airline overview page, and used in the credit rating calculations. These numbers are no longer an average of previous days’ profit margins, but instead calculated total profit margin for the past 30 and 15 days, respectively.
  9. Bugfix for aircraft lease delivery dates incorrectly considering the 5 instant deliveries when calculating the lead time for the 6’th aircraft onwards, in the case that the player leases more than 5 aircraft during the initial start.

Lol. It seems that time has come to say goodbye to Lufthansa after Alitalia :joy:

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Sorry Admin.

I have a question.

Is this the last reset? I’m eager to start my airline officially (And my roleplay).

I’m 57. Will I be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel? (Lol).

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I’m afraid there will be some more… sorry :innocent:

It is too early to say when or how many. But the game is still in Beta so technically is not fully finished yet

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Reset is planned for September 6th


hello there! is there specific time for this planned reset?

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Not at this moment, it will be announced later this week. It will primarily depend on when we complete the preparatory upgrades and any debugging and testing by our test group after the reset and update.

Keep in mind this is not only a reset, but also a implementation of a bunch of new features and gameplay mechanics.

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First post has been updated with the full changelog for the reset


Great job.

When a plane is undergoing maintenance checks, will the airline be charged because of passengers who are stuck in hotels?

Most of the airport’s stats this year are extremely lower than they would be considering the pandemic. Is the game going to reflect the pandemic statistics or will the airports be keeping the stats for the end of 2019?

we are using 2019 numbers

No, but the aircraft will be unavailable for the period of time that the check takes. So some planning ahead is required if you need to swap aircraft in order to keep a route flying.

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2020 numbers haven’t been published yet since 2020 isn’t over. Therefore 2020 and the pandemic won’t be reflected until 2021 at the earliest. Most of the data updated is from 2019 or 2018, as most countries only have 2019 or 2018 data published.

Just to give an update for those that may not check Discord, we are performing some final testing/bugfixes and making a few adjustments to the aircraft statistics. We hope to open in 1-2 days. All of the major things are done, software updated, and the automated scripts do seem to be working correctly.

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Thanks Super Admin.

Hi everyone,

The reset is complete, and the game is now open to the public. Please carefully review the change log, as it has changed since we originally posted it. We have also updated the game guide. If you encounter any bugs, please report them on our Issue Tracker. Thanks everyone for your patience, we encountered more issues than anticipated, but hopefully the wait is worth it. Enjoy the game!

Change log: https://www.airlineenterprise.com/changelog
Issue Tracker: https://issuetracker.airlineenterprise.com/AirlineEnterprise/IssueTracker/issues

Was there a change alsoe to the aircraft being leased and charges for configuration? -17mil already and have not flown a mile yet.

No changes were made to configuration costs