Forum Suggestion - Ability to save drafts?

Title. Basically allow us to save a draft on the server and get it back the next time we login

Does so automatically for me, I write something don’t post and next time I come back it is still there.

Beyond that not sure if this software supports it.

As @Carde has observed, posts are automatically saved to the server. You may see a check mark on the bottom of the post editor box, that tells you it has been saved to the server. Just go back to to your reply or new topic and your previously saved draft will load. For new topics, the forum only supports one draft at a time, but you can save your drafts either in private messages to yourself, externally, or if you are staff, via staff shared drafts. I am not sure when or if multiple topic drafts is going to be implemented, but staff shared drafts rolled out recently so it may come soon.