First Coast Airlines - Low Fares and New Adventures, an Airline for the Family

Low Fares and New Adventures, an Airline for the Family

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Iata: FK
Headquarters: Jacksonville, FL
Carrier Type: Low-cost Hybrid

Who we are
First Coast Airlines is a low-cost hybrid carrier based in Jacksonville, FL. Our name comes from the famous nickname of the Jacksonville metropolitan area, making us the airline of The First Coast. Our logo is flying fish on a globe, a regularly seen species in our hometown’s region and an example that anyone can fly, and wherever they wish. We are a family airline, catering to the comfort and experience of the everyday individual. Our economy class seat is the finest in the market and we have the low fares to go with it.

How we operate
First Coast Airlines has a hybrid low-cost model. We offer business class seating on most flights however, economy classes are still our main selling point and make up the majority of our sales and aircraft seating. In total First Coast uses 5 fare classifications…

  1. We have our “You First” fares, our lowest economy fare for budget travelers who want to save but looking to get away.

  2. We have our “First Coast Economy” for those who value extra comfort for a more regular fare with prices and services still aimed and beating out our competition.

  3. “First Coast Economy Premium” for those passengers who need a little umph in their travel. These travelers enjoy more legroom on all aircraft and more free amenities than the former classes.

  4. “First Coast First” is our business class product. It features wider seats on all aircraft, more amenities, and free comfort packages for you to remember us by.

  5. “Beyond First,” our highest class only offered on select flights on select aircraft. “Beyond First” customers enjoy an adventure beyond. Larger seats, our best amenities, comfort packages, free lounge access, and priority boarding all await you with Beyond First.

No matter what class you fly we guarantee you the best First Coast Airlines has to offer. Furthermore, outside of classes we also offer many customers incentives including

  1. Free checked bags. All customers can enjoy 1 free checked item or bag across all classes on all flights.

  2. Discounted fares. Occasionally we offer special discounts for youth, seniors, students, and more who frequently fly with us.

Where we fly
First Coast Airlines has an extensive domestic route network, connecting small towns to the big cities. We also have international routes to all the 5 major continents with the longest flights flying under our international brand, First Coast Global Airlines.

Hubs and Focus Cities
First Coast is different from other low-cost carriers in that it values it’s hub strategy over point-to-point routes. We offer cheaper fares for connecting flights at our hubs in order to have better control over our markets to better serve you. First Coast Airlines has 6 hubs, which are…

  1. Washington-Dulles (IAD) Our largest operation and home to one of our maintenance bases. Washington Dulles is our gateway to Europe and a major spoke for the east coast of the United States. It is the largest base for First Coast Global, our intercontinental subsidiary airline.

  2. Denver (DEN) Our second largest base. Denver serves as our primary hub for the western states where we bank those flights with our eastern routes. It is also a major gateway to the Midwest.

  3. Jacksonville (JAX) Our hometown and third largest base. Our headquarters is located in on the southern bank of downtown Jacksonville. Jacksonville serves as our gateway to the Caribbean and Latin America and a major hub for the southern states. We are working with the city to create a larger terminal building at JAX to support our large operation.

  4. Houston-Intercontinental (IAH) Our fourth largest hub and secondary gateway to the southern states and Latin America. Houston serves as a reliever for JAX and DEN allowing us to send connecting flights a different way when needed.

  5. Ontario (ONT) Ontario airport is our gateway to California and Hawaii and a focus point for Asia and Oceania. It is the fifth largest operation, however it serves less as a hub and more like a focus point for Los Angeles preferring Denver as a western hub. First Coast does not fly to LAX because of high prices, however the airline owns an airport shuttle company which takes travelers to Los Angeles and other parts of the region free to all First Coast ticket holders.

  6. Pittsburgh (PIT) Our sixth largest hub and a secondary gateway to Europe and the midwestern states. Pittsburgh is a major base for our regional flights in the eastern region serving as the primary base of one of our regional subsidiaries, Allegheny Airlines.

Minor focus cities include…

  1. Las Vegas (LAS) Our largest focus city, where we satisfy the demand of the Vegas market from other large cities.

  2. Phoenix (PHX) Where we offer regional flights to Arizona, New Mexico, and California with mainline flights into other large cities, helping fill the demand for Phoenix.

  3. Nashville (BNA) First Coast has a mini-hub at Nashville to relieve hub operations at IAD and JAX.

  4. Oklahoma City (OKC) Minor focus city with routes to large cities on the east and west coast.

Frequent Flyers
Our frequent flyer program is the Flying Fish Club. Much like other frequent flyer programs, customers can earn reward miles from promotions, lounge purchases and by flying with us and our partners. Reward miles can be later redeemed for future travel with our airline.

Our official lounge brand is the Flying Fish Club Lounge. Lounge access is granted to all business class travelers for free, economy premium travelers for a discounted fee and to all other travelers with the purchase of a one day pass or membership. Lounges are located at all of our hubs and focus cities where customers can enjoy a quiet, comfortable setting, with free amenities so you can reset and relax before your flight.

First Coast Airlines has a number of subsidiaries and sub-brands that all uphold and help to maintain the company’s image. They include…

  • Allegheny Airlines - One of our regional subsidiaries based at Pittsburgh with bases at most of our hubs. Flights operate under the name, First Coast Regional.

  • First Coast Global Airlines - Our international subsidiary which flies all of our intercontinental routes and operates most of our wide-body aircraft.

  • Flying Fish Vacations - A travel agency owned by the airline which specializes in packages that include many of our vacation destinations.

  • Meals on Wings - An airline food caterer wholly owned by the airline.

  • Ontario Shuttle - Our shuttle bus company based at Ontario airport that transports fliers to and from various park n ride lots and points of interest in the Los Angeles metro area to Ontario airport.

  • Rockies Aviation - Our other regional subsidiary based at Denver airport flying to nonstop regional destinations in the Rocky Mountain region.

Fleet Details
First Coast Airlines will operate a fleet of 625 aircraft including subsidiaries. These aircraft will be…

89 Airbus A220-100s
First Coast Airlines a220-100

211 Airbus A220-300s
First Coast Airlines a220-300

129 Boeing 737 MAX 9s
First Coast Airlines Livery2

6 Boeing 747-8s All operated by First Coast Global Airlines

59 Boeing 787-9s All operated by First Coast Global Airlines First Coast Airlines 787-9

11 Boeing 787-10s 5 operated by First Coast Global Airlines

25 Bombardier CRJ-900s All operated by Rockies Aviation for First Coast Regional

65 Comac ARJ21-700s All operated by Allegheny Airlines for First Coast Regional

20 De Havilland q400s All operated by Allegheny Airlines for First Coast Regional

10 Embraer E195-e2s All operated by Rockies Aviation for First Coast Regional

More details and liveries to come.



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