Double accounts Buying and Selling and another updates

We are near of one year of the last update…

Have some update tô be added Thais year? Ir the game stoped the updates? Are we playing in the final version?

Another problem that i have look in higher frequency, is some Double accounts that Buy an Aircraft in low Price and sell higher to Win with This and Buy some Aircraft less than the market value…******************* - Edited by Carde, reason: Public callouts are not allowed.

If you notice any potential violations of the game rules, please refer it to the moderators by private message either here or in Discord. Do not publicly post about them. With regards to updates, we are currently working on them in the background. We have not needed to push them out because the new server upgrades we made seem to have helped with game instability and performance. The game is constantly evolving but we only have one game developer so it does take a bit of time between the actually coding and testing.

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