Chunga Air

Chunga Air - ICAO:CAM, Call Sign The Herd,

Based: Bradley International Airport (BDL)

Fleet Size: 211 (As of 30/10/2019)
A220-100 8 (23 on order)
A220-300 28 (17 on order)
A320ceo 3
A320neo 1 (20 on order)
A321neo 3 (16 on order)
A321neoLR 1 (30 on order)
A330-200 1
A330-300 1
A330-900neo (5 on order)
A350-900 1
A350-900ULR 3
E170 5 (15 on order)
E175 2 (15 on order)

Employees: 1017

Credit Rating: A-

Future Plans, Open five new bases in the US by the close of 2019, we have identified the following airports for our current year expansion, Denver, Seattle, Houston, New Orleans & Fort Lauderdale.

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Chunga Air is delighted to announce the opening of our second US base. Chunga Air is to start flight to the US markets from Denver on the 2nd November.

Initially we will have our EMA170/175 and A220-100/300 aircraft serving our new routes.

We are delighted to announce the following new routes from our Denver base

DEN - ORD x3 daily E175
DEN - DFW x4 daily A220-300
DEN - YYC x3 daily E170
DEN - MIA x1 daily E170
DEN - ATL x3 daily A220-100
DEN - CDG x1 daily A350

Newley released route available for booking

DEN-CVG x3 daily E170

New routes / Destinations from our Denver base,

DEN-MCI x4 daily A220-300
DEN-YQX x2 daily E175
DEN-YEG x3 daily A220-100

Equipment Change;
BDL-AMS A321neo from A220-300

Chunga Air expansion details,

With Board and Shareholder approval, Chunga Air management have been tasked with completing a feasibility study with regard to setting up both a regional arm (less than 500 miles from our bases( and an Ultra Long Haul operation,

We have sourced aircraft for our Long Haul Operation, we have selected the A330-900neo and the A350ULR.

For regional flights we are to review the ATR72-600 and the Bombardier Q400 NextGen, it is envisaged that Regional routes currently flown by our Jet Fleet will be migrated to the Prop’s and the Jets re-deployed to mainline services.

We have partnered with Amex Loyalty reward programme to allow AMEX user transfer miles to the Chunga Air miles programme Chuex.

Chunga Air Markets Update @ 11/05

Chunga Air management are a little disappointed with the recent drop in our Credit Rating from A- to B, Mgmt do not agree with the rating agency outlook for the company.

Costs are inline with what is expected from an Airline or our size, we are constantly looking at way to cut costs and provide shareholder value.

We have dropped our debt ration, by paying back over 15mil from our current loan book.

We have taken delivery of additional aircraft that have allowed us to upgrade certain European routes, and increase our foothold in the US market.

Over all mgmt are delighted with the progress of the company, and are confident of the mid to long term plans that have been approved for the company.

Chunga Air Markets update 08/11

Credit Rating; BB+ (Increased from B)

New Aircraft Arrivals: 6

New Routes: DEN-YQB x2 daily E170, DEN-YOW x2 daily A220-100, DEN-NAS x2 daily E175, DEN-YUL x2 daily E170, DEN-MIA x2 daily A220-300, DEN-MEX x2 daily A220-300 & DEN-DFW x1 daily A220-300

Planned Deliveries over coming 7 days: 19 (A320 & A321 being delivered to BDL will allow for the upgrading of services, A220, E17 & E175’s will be redeployed to DEN).

With the upcoming arrival of our new A330 & A350, we will start additional Long Haul routes from our new eastern coast base (not yet announced)

We are in the process of rolling out new Airline Livery that is currently under design.

Chunga Air Markets update 12/11

Credit Rating: BB+

New Aircraft Arrivals: 9

New Routes: DEN-IAD x3 Daily E175, DEN-FLL x2 Daily E170, DEN-YYZ x3 Daily A220-100, DEN-YVR x3 Daily E175, BDL-UIO x1 Daily A321neo, DEN-SEA x3 Daily A220-300, DEN-YXE x3 Daily A220-300, DEN-SFO x4 Daily E175, DEN-SAN x4 Daily E170, DEN-KEF x2 Daily A220-300

We are anticipating the Delivery of the first of our new A330’s, this will allow us to open our 3 base within the US, we are planning on offering direct routes from Atlanta, to South Africa, China and the Middle east.

We are still reviewing aircraft for our regional arm, this fully owned subsidiary will fly point to point outside of our main hubs to secondary and poorly served airports through out the continental US and Canada.

Chunga International Business Update………24/11/2019

We are delighted to announce we recently carried our 1 millionth passenger, This was completed via a flight from ATL to Paris, the customer in question has been provided with free travel for one year on any of our domestic flights.

We are ramping up our long haul network from ATL using our recently delivered A330 and A350 aircraft, this will see us expand more into the Gulf Region, Africa and Asia, We are also expanding our European network with the arrival of our latest A321neoLR aircraft, we are finding these extremely profitable of the pan-euro routes.

The Denver base opened recently I performing well, with the input of additional marketing we are seeing gradual increase in passenger numbers.

Our Regional Arm is to start flights from MCI using a mixed fleet of ATR72’s and Dash 8’s in an economy and premium economy setup

We are in negotiations with a number of airports to setup domestic and international routes, there will be more on this in later business updates.

Financial Details;
Fleet: 322 Aircraft
Credit Rating: AAA
Loans: 68,000,000
Net Income: 17,000,000
30 Day PM: 55.17

The Board Chunga International


Chunga International Business Update…27/11/2019

We are delighted to announce the commencement of routes from Seattle (SEA) and Washington (IAD), these routes will be served by our mainline aircraft, we are also delighted to announce that we have started our regional airline based out of Kansas City (MCI), using our fleet of ATR72’s and Dash 8’s.

As we continue our expansion, our credit rating has taken a hit over the last number of days, we are still a healthy “A” rated company, we are continuing to payoff our outstanding bank loans and continue to take on new aircraft by both purchasing and taking out new leases.

We will update the markets in the coming weeks, once our expansion has plateaued with an additional business update.

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Chunga International Fleet rationalisation;

The fleet co-ordinators have made the decisions to dispose of and return to leasers all E170, E175, Atr72 and Dash8’s, the main reason being is the seat capacity of same does not fit it with our future route development, we are to concentrate on the A220 & EMB190/5 fleets for regional flights.

We are to use A320 family (ceo and neo) for trans continental routes/

Chunga Air Fleet Disposal.

As we have entered into an agreement exclusivity with Airbus to be come a full Airbus Airline, we are currently disposing of a number of ATR72-500/600, EMB170, EMB175, E190, E195, E190-E2 & E195-E2, we are disposing of all below current market prices, as we transfer the disposal list will increase.

We are also disposing of aircraft that have reached the max age within our fleet of 20 years, this will mean that we will have A319, A320, A321, A330-300, A340-300 to dispose of once there replacements arrive, please check out the market and make a reasonable offer and it will be reviewed.