Cessna Grand Caravan EX aircraft upgrade

Just for information purposes, the Cessna 208 Aircraft (Grand Caravan EX) has a 1000 Lbs weight range of 988.6016 mi (1591 Km) researched on the CESSNA WEBSITE and needs only 0.3082 mi (496 meters)runway for takeoff and 0.19014 mi (306 meters ) for landing

Provide a link to the open source documentation about this and it may be looked into.

I don’t understand much about these source codes. I got some data from the CESSNA website

We can’t just take your word for it. It’s simple like Carde said, provide us a link. Just saying it is from Cessna’s website means absolutely nothing.

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Okay, so a couple things I’m seeing. The first is lack of seeing actually and that is the takeoff, here’s what I see from the link you provided to Cessna’s website:

Takeoff Distance | 2,160 ft (658 m)
Takeoff Ground Roll | 1,399 ft (426 m)

As well I noticed for landing you are using ground roll. The game does not use that rather it used the takeoff distance which includes 50ft AGL over an obstacle on takeoff which is standard in aviation. (Ground roll is more of a marketing ploy then anything.) This matches takeoff as if you compared what I grabbed from Cessna at 2,160ft.

For range I’m not sure what you are trying to get at. The game has a fairly realistic formula that is based on max payload and max range. At max payload your range suffers but as you reduce it the range increases.

I understand, but I also saw this scope map on the CESSNA website


I see. So adjust the payload scaling to as far as you can go on the EX-Pod which is the in-game version. It does cap out at 2.5k lbs for that but you’ll see the range drop to 208 miles. The actually max payload is just over 500lbs more at 3.2k which explains in-game range of 170 miles.

Determining aircraft range has many nuances that you should try to understand. Search in Google what a payload range diagram is. This diagram shows how far you can fly an aircraft with a certain payload. As ALT says, the max payload is listed at 3,200 lbs, so when you provide a 1,000 lb weight and its range, that’s less than 1/3 of max payload, so of course it’s going to fly longer than the max payload range being that it’s not at max payload. I calculated the distances manually using weights from Cessna the same way the game does every time someone flies one. It’s as correct as it can be and it actually might be even more accurate than Cessna claims it to be because we use realistic weights and not the lighter standards that the FAA sets.

I understood… well the idea was good… the important thing and the discussion on the subject.
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