Buying 757-200s!

Do you have 757-200s in your fleet?
Do you want to make some nice cash?
Well you’re in luck, I’m buying 757-200s for up to 20 million dollars for those of the oldest age. And up to 35million for those of younger ages. I’ll be paying higher than market value. You can respond here or message me if you’d like to sell! You can also msg me on discord @ TheCarrotFarmer#3949

laughs in atlantean

GIVE ME I WANT NOW please I beg and I’m not just adding words for a full sentence

Delta in real life operates 111 752s

Selling your 757s to carrot is the same as sending your pet to live on a farm upstate…

not actually but he can buy his own, no reason to sell


Which is the reason why I’m not selling mine

They make me good money

I don’t have any 757s, couldn’t sell if I wanted to. On the other hand, however, if anyone wants to give me anything in my current fleet for way less than market price I won’t complain :wink: :wink:


I’ll get you some if you contact me, tell me how many you want and I’ll buy them and sell them to you wherever in the world you want them. It will take time and a few aircraft at a time, but I have 5 not deployed yet. Let me know.

Well It has been 5 months so that’s awkward … uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

yeah I know, you still want some… I’ll feed you aircraft I have employed a system to import aircraft from around the world. There is no trade system though so I can basically only implement it for myself. If you want any aircraft for more than market value, I will by them fly them to you and sell them for an agreed price. I can sell you Airbus A320, A321s, A340-200s, 777’s, and A319s, for 125% market price. I only buy them at their cheapest like Airbus below 20k, jumbos bellow 40. I also can Sell two 747SP’s they can fly many routes no one else can.

I will buy the 747SPs at whatever price you think is fair. Just put them on the market and I will buy them in the next few days.

I don’t know when i want to get rid of them, they are super valuable and my airline has half of them in the game, but I will only sell 2. Challenge is I know their value, they run routes no other aircraft can and no one can really compete for their routes. So I will probably auction them, but i will let you know before I make a decision. For right know I want to consolidate their routes. Also I probably won’t sell them on market, probably an auction as for me they are worth more than 125% of their value. Let me know if you want to negotiate, 8 of them are leased. I will continue to operate them leased, because we can’t buy leased aircraft. I will let you know on the two that I might sell probably within the next few weeks.

Hey quick question are 747SPs really that valuable? I’m running most of my long hauls with 748s, 388s and 742s and they’re all working out fine.

SPs are valuable because they have a short runway requirement. I can operate 6K+ routes from MDW and DCA, no other aircraft can fly that far and operate. So you will never really have to worry about competition.

Did you intend on removing a couple zeroes from 6000? Wtf? When there are short runways I generally stick with the 737-700ER or, for range, I stick with the 742 and 388

yeah the 737-700er cant fly as far as the sp, no aircraft can land on as short of a runway, yet go as far as it.

Haha of course. Generally I reserve 747 and 388s for long haul high psgr volume airports though