Baggage Fees- Ideas

Does anyone care to share their prices for baggage fees (or fares for price/mile and base fares for that matter)? I need some help with finding ideal prices.

Baggage fees (as of right now) i think do nothing, so most people just add it to the base fare. I usually add $2-5.

Ah, but bag fees DO have an impact on demand. Read this:

From the game guide: (Section 5C):
In the Set Ticket Prices page of the routes menu, you can change your ticket prices for all flights you fly. Keep in mind the different variables - base price will have more of an impact on short-haul flights, and price per mile will have more of an impact on longer flights. Baggage fees will be added to your base prices in terms of the effect on demand. You can also change the cost of each individual flight in the Flight Numbers pages, where you can change prices based on flight number.

Oh, and thanks for the tip. $2-5? I will add that to the average amount to get a good idea on what people offer.

No problem :smiley: However it also may depend on the routes, like for example, one of my routes will only let me add ~$10. Also I meant that the game is glitched and baggage fees don’t apply or something like that (I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this from some mods before).

Baggage fees don’t affect your rep. That is probably what you are thinking.

Not really, I am wondering: “what will get me the most profit?” But thanks for the info.