Available cash after used to bid

  1. After placing a bid, I paid loans with the cash used for auction, making cash balance less than my bid. When I won the bid, my cash balance went negative. Is this a bug?

  2. Beside, I found if loans are made after daily payment and repaid before next daily payment, there’re no fees for such loans. IRL, there’re always expenses as long as a loan is taken out, no matter how short the loan exists.

Any reply is appreciated!

  1. No. When you placed a bid, money is placed in a “reserve” but you didn’t really spend the cash yet. Once you won the bid, then the money is deducted, resulting in your cash balance being “negative”.

  2. Current system is like that, yes.

  1. The game is designed to take money from your account 15 minutes after you win an aircraft. This is to save strain on the server by not having it add a calculation every time someone makes a bid (some players like to spam bid by starting at one level then upping it consecutively in rapid succession). If you have less cash than your bid, you will go negative.

  2. That’s often a misconception about loans. The point is it depends on which type of loans you are given. There are loans with precomputed interest (You pay an amount of interest no matter how quickly you pay it back) and some with prepayment penalties (pay early, pay extra). There may also be processing fees. For simplification purposes, the game only uses simple-interest loans with no fees except accumulated non-compounding interest because adding different types of loans can make the game more complex and there are better areas to add complexity than loan type at the moment.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, lolliftw and jason5082.
Maybe the reserved money should be locked. Because IRL, enterprises will go bankrupt if having negative cash balance for long. Fortunately, it seems that there’s no bankruptcy in this game.