Auto gate leasing

Gate leasing is really tedious and unnecessary.

Instead of having to go through the gate lease menu, make it so that you pay a daily fee based on how many flights you have that day.
Of course, this would eliminate dedicated gates
This would really make it easier and faster to schedule flights.

1 daily flight (7 a week)
JFK Fees
Weekly gate rental: $35,988.29 (JFK)
35988.29/7 is 5141.18 (rounded)

DFW fees
Weekly gate rental: $43,189.21
$43,189.21/7 = 6169.89 (rounded)

$6169.89 + $5141.18 = $11,311.07
So you would pay a daily fee of $11,311 embedded in a fee or something

Disagree. Gate fees isn’t meant to be landing fees, and as such, should be managed separately from your flight frequency.

Tying gates with flights will also be a problem in terms of program code. Not the dev, but we are still exploring ways to make gate costs more realistic, and last thing we need to do is to make it harder for the programmer by tying this together.

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I am in agreement with loliftw on this one, gates (more like landing rights/slots in our case) are different from the usual landing fees and it is something you would have to manage.