American Airlines DFW-FLL

This was my first flight since 2019. It was very exciting. I arrived at the airport about 1 1/2 hours before my flight. We checked in, lots of people traveling, since it was winter break. We went to security, which only took 5-10 minutes maximum. Pretty quick, considering I was in the 2nd busiest airport in the US and 4th busiest in the world.

It was also the headquarters, not the hub, but headquarters for American Airlines, the biggest airline in the whole world. Pretty handy airport.

So we arrived at the gate just 10 minutes before boarding started. We waited.

It turns out like 3 crew members were late, so we had to wait 10 minutes after the scheduled boarding time to board.

We boarded the plane at group 5, and we went in the Airbus A321.

Legroom was a bit tight, had only a pinch’s distance between my legs and the seat.

We finally pushed back from the gate at 11:02 - 17 minutes late.

We took off at 11:15 AM - 20 mins. late

13 minutes in real life, nothing to do. That was our taxi time.

Since most of American Airlines’ domestic routes don’t offer seatback screens, I had to watch movies on my device. The movie selection was amazing. I could do this for like 3 hours - The time of the flight literally.

Hungry. Snack was a bag of small pretzels and/or some cookies and a drink. Served in a plastic cup.
Little bit disappointing, but it was okay.

Fortunately, didn’t have to go to the restroom on this trip, but it looked tiny. It did not look like it could hold a toilet and a sink.

Landed 2:35PM EST - 5 minutes early
Arrived at gate with a rare 3 minute taxi time - just 1 minute early.

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