Airline awareness going down?

Why is my airline awareness going down? I have a 1,800,000 social media budget and 1,250,000 sport event budget. I feel like it should be going up or at least not decreasing

Can you please provide more info? Airline name? Any changes made to your airline recently? Awareness number over time? There are so many reasons that can cause this we need more info to really be able to pinpoint the cause.

Ok looking further into your past replies I can see your airline. When your airline is in the early stages like this if you use airline marketing like this it can cause volatility in the awareness calculations. This means your awareness is bound to bounce around for a little bit until there’s more history data to stabilize the awareness level. A potential bug has been identified in the code and a fix is being looked into.

Thank you Jason I am just seeing both of your responses. I am currently now spending $3 million a week on social media and another 1.5 on sporting events and then small amounts on billboards and radio and my awareness continues to decrease. I will wait to hear if there is a bug