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Can we get the Boeing 747-400D variation, it’s one of my favorite aircraft and I noticed it’s not in the game. Since it’s not a new aircraft family type it could add an interesting dynamic to the game for the players who decide to operate it.

As the aircraft is not currently in commercial service we unfortunately are unable to add it to the game.


If you can gather all the info I need I can add it to the game.

@zortan That rule only applies to new aircraft i.e. MRJ

@WhiteFright IMO we shouldn’t be adding aircraft that aren’t in service or realistically never would be. A real-world airline would have a difficult time getting a 747-400D and getting it back into service. It’s why I’ve been fighting to remove Concorde and VC-10 among others.

People want those planes, they can have those planes. Ultimately it’s not up to you.

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Wow shade lol.

I understand this is supposed to be a game and fun and all, but it’s not much fun when everything anyone wants is widely available. To be honest, the 747-400D was built as a specialty aircraft for the Japanese domestic / regional market, and when those airlines retired the plane, there was no use for it in the rest of the world. Most people don’t want / need a short-range 747 as there simply isn’t the demand for such a thing. And the game should at least somewhat reflect reality. Even if a real airline wanted one now, it would be very difficult to get, so I find it a little strange that in-game it should just be something anyone can buy. IRL it would cost huge amounts to restore to operating condition (considering the last one was retired years ago) and is just not reasonable.

I mean, we have the Superjet that barely anyone flies, the Tu 204s in game are widely available. I just think if he wants to go through the trouble to get everything on the -400D then it can be added.

However, those aircraft are in commercial service. The TU-204, while not widely used, is in service with Cubana and Air Koryo, among others I may not know about. The Superjet is in service with Aeroflot and several other carriers (even though many don’t like it lol).

The 747-400D is not in service, and hasn’t been for years. And are there aircraft in-game that I think should be removed as they’re not in service? Definitely. I especially think, however, that we should not be adding more old and retired aircraft. I get that I’m not in charge of this but I’d like the game to get better rather than worse in my view.

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Air koryo is not an airline, It a governmental service run by the government of North Korea. If it was an airline, then it wouldn’t be only in North korea, and wouldn’t be funded by the government. Air koryo for me personally, (and cubana) dont count as real airlines. Also can I ask why no one can buy the DC-3 but its in the research tab. Also can we talk about getting modified versions of aircraft. Keep in mind some old planes still fly for skydiving and stuff like that. Some old planes are more often used in Alaska because they are easier to repair and maintain in isolated regions.

No, they’re airlines alright. CAAC used to be gov’t subsidized and it had routes all over. Air Koryo has routes to Shenyang and Beijing (SHE and PEK)… CAAC split into a bunch, most notably Air China, China Southern, and China Eastern

Thats my opinion, plz don’t construe that with the facts

Of course lmao it’s all good. Cubana and Air Koryo seem like airlines to me just overly gov’t subsidized

@WhiteFright Would it be possible to add the DC-7 to the game? It has always been a favorite of mine, and would mean a lot to have it in game. Here are the specs:

Passengers - 105
Max cruise speed - 405 mph
Normal cruise speed - 359 mph (or 346 mph depending on source)
Range - 5635 mi max fuel @ 274 mph & 5164 mi @ 359 mph
Fuel Consumption - 313 gph max fuel & 456 gph max payload (I’m not sure of the calculation used to determine consumption in-game but I believe that equates to 0.87 gal/mi & 1.27 gal/mi)
Runway requirement - 6360 ft


Sources: &

Public Domain image:

@WhiteFright I neglected a few other specs, my apologies.

MTOW - 143,000 lb
OEW - 78,890 lb
Price - $1,155,560 in 1956; $1,343,385 in 1958
Production ended 1958

All specs are from DC-7C

Thanks again!

hey, also can we have cargo aircraft in the game so that we can have cargo airlines?

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Cargo has been discussed for years and is planned to be added eventually. (Hence why you see cargo numbers on airport pages.) That being said it is at the bottom of the list currently. Most likely to be added near the final release if not after.

Already in the game.

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2022-01-18 (2)

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