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Now that I feel I can stabilize this airline, weeklies are coming out now!

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23 of April, 2021
We welcome our 6th aircraft, a B737-700ER (reg. AI-06), this month into our fleet! We are beginning daily flights from BKK-ELQ, and night flights from BKK-ZHA. These flights will be discounted for some time, on flights from April 24- May 10.

Planned flights:
Bangkok-Mulayda-Begins 23 of April
AI 27| AI-06 | BKK-ELQ, Dep. 0600 Ari. 0850 |Daily
AI 28| AI-06 | ELQ-BKK, Dep. 0925 Ari. 2015 |Daily
Bangkok-Zhanjiang-Begins 24 of April
AI 29| AI-06 | BKK-ZHA, Dep. 2050 Ari. 2345 |Daily
AI 30| AI-06 | ZHA-BKK, Dep. 0020 Ari. 0115 |Daily
All times are local
Map of new routes:
Current route map (Includes planned flights):
map (1)

We continue to work on our rewards system, which should be available to customers in the coming weeks.

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3 of May, 2021
We have auctioned for yet another aircraft, an A320-200. We are basing it in our new focus city, Phuket. We have two routes planned from our new focus city: HKT-DRW and HKT-TSN. These flights are also discounted (20%!), on flights booked between May 5-May 20.

Announcement: AI 27 and 28
Due to lack of demand, flights from Bangkok-Mulaya (BKK-ELQ) are being closed on May 7. All flights after May 7 are canceled, and bookers will be refunded up to 80% of their ticket prices. We are replacing it with flights to Perth.

Planned flights:
Phuket-Darwin: Begins 5th of May
AI 47| AI-07 | HKT-DRW, Dep. 0445 Ari. 1215 |Daily
AI 48| AI-07 | DRW-HKT, Dep. 1415 Ari. 1645 |Daily
Phuket-Pune: Begins 5th of May
AI 49| AI-07 | HKT-PNQ, Dep. 1730 Ari. 1935 |Daily
AI 50| AI-07 | PNQ-HKT, Dep. 2020 Ari. 0125 (+1)|Daily
Bangkok-Perth: Begins 8th of May
AI 31| AI-06 | BKK-PER, Dep. 0600 Ari. 1305 |Daily
AI 32| AI-06 | PER-BKK, Dep. 1340 Ari. 1845 |Daily
All times are local

Map of planned routes:
Current routes (Includes planned routes)
Southeastern/Central/Western Asia and Western Australia
Northern/Eastern Asia

With AI-02 in maintenance, we ae refurbishing the seats inside in anticipation for our rewards system.

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13 of May, 2021
This week we welcome yet another aircraft, a Boeing B737-800, registered AI-08. It is now based in Phuket. We have flights planned to Darwin and to Tashkent that will begin service over the next two days.

Planned Flights:
Phuket-Tashkent: Begins 15 of May
AI 51| AI-08 | HKT-TAS, Dep. 1000 Ari. 1320 |Daily
AI 52| AI-08 | TAS-HKT, Dep. 1400 Ari. 2120 |Daily
Phuket-Darwin: Begins 14 of May
AI 53| AI-08 | HKT-DRW, Dep. 2200 Ari. 0525 (+1)|Daily
AI 54| AI-08 | DRW-HKT, Dep. 0605 Ari. 0830 |Daily
All times are local

Map of planned routes:
Current routes (Includes planned routes
Southeastern/Central/Western Asia and Western Australia
Northern/Eastern Asia

I-Air Points
Our rewards system is almost ready to be launched! Fully going into effect on the 1st of June, the conversion rate is as follows:
1 km=1 point
Available rewards
7,000 points: Economy to Premium Econ. Upgrade
9,000 points: Premium Econ. to Business (+3,000 from Econ.)
12,000 points: Business to First (+4,000 from Business)
1,000 points: 10% off meal purchases (non-stackable)*
1,500 points: Priority boarding for non-First or Business class passengers
100,000,000 points: Free first class ticket (all amenities included) for a flight that is within 5,000 km. (No points will be gained)
*On select flights

There may be editis based on how you, our customers respond to this experimental feature.