Air International-Connecting the world

We are a new airline, based in Singapore, We will help you get to we you need to be! Our company was founded in 2018, and was declared bankrupt in late 2019. We have risen again thanks to the partnership with International Airways Alliance.
-More updates coming soon-

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Current international routes as of Oct. 7:
Current regional (less than 2,500 mi or 4,025 km) routes as of Oct. 7:

Countries Served

S.E. Asia

  • The Philippines (CRK)
  • Singapore (SIN)
  • Thailand (DMK)
  • Indonesia (CGK)

Far East

  • South Central China (NNG)

Middle East

  • United Arab Emirates (AUH)


  • South Africa (JNB)


  • New Zealand (AKL)

Current Fleet:
Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 5.37.07 PM
Key: Y= Economy, Y+= Premium Economy, J= Business, F= First
Note: In delivery includes aircraft being negotiated. Aircraft not active are aircraft getting checks or will be used. Not in use aircraft are older and will be sold/used as extra back up.

Aircraft Notes:
Airbus A330-200
Our A330-200 is brand new and currently being leased from Airbus, and we expect to hold on it if for about 3 months, if not more. It may be used in a future route to Hawaii. Most Economy and Premium Economy have an extra 2 in. of legroom for those long-haul flights.
Boeing B757-200
Feel cramped in those lavatories of other aircraft? Not anymore, this B757 has been remodeled to include extra room for you to do your business without being jostled around.
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
At a grand total of 244 seats, this aircraft boasts the largest amount of seats in our fleet. We remodeled every seat to include modern screens for your entertainment. May also be used in a future Hawaii route.
McDonnell Douglas MD-82
Our choice for regional routes. Enjoy some IFE with brand new screens and audio jacks we recently installed.

All of our aircraft boast Wifi service, and are free to use on flights lasting 6 or more hours!


Eager to see more.

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Our Services and Partnerships

We’ve partnered with other IAA airlines and businesses for our services.

  • Air Poland: Ideal for any passengers who want to tour Eastern Europe, but have flights to North America and the Middle East. They offer a discount to Europe if you fly with them from one of their Asian destinations.
  • Air Euro: Regional airline for Western Europe. Connected by Air Poland via LHR and WAW.
  • Global Connection: Provides 2 weekly flights from Hawaii and connections to various cities in the United States and Latin America.
    Service Partners:
  • Airline News Weekly: A magazine provider and one of our sponsors.
  • Food of the Airline: Our catering company. Has a restaurant in Singapore.
  • Vener Hotels: A hotel in Singapore we partnered with. They provide free 1 night stays for overnight flights, our courtesy. They have hotels in Abu Dhabi, Auckland, and Singapore
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