Air International- Connecting the world even more

Due to management issues and complications, we have reset our hub to Venice. We also have a smaller fleet now.
-More Updates soon-

Current Fleet:
Key: Y= Economy, Y+= Premium Economy, J= Business, F= First
Note: In delivery includes aircraft being negotiated. Aircraft not active are aircraft getting checks or will be used. Not in use aircraft are older and will be sold/used as extra back up.

Aircraft Notes:
Airbus A320-200
Our regional aircraft, currently making stops in the Mediterranean.
Airbus A321neoLR
Currently being used to transport passengers to island vacation spots. Extra legroom in some rows.
Boeing 737-800
Also helping out around the Mediterranean.
Boeing 737 MAX 9
A lease aircraft, on trial period.

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Countries Served

Western Europe

  • Denmark (CPH, BLL)
  • Germany (HAJ, TXL)
  • Luxembourg (LUX)
  • United Kingdom (LTN)

Eastern Europe

  • Poland (GDN)
  • Ukraine (LWO)

Middle East

  • United Arab Emirates (AUH)

Eastern United States

-New York (EWR)

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