Additional temporary fuel tanks for extra range

Some times certain smaller aircraft don’t have enough range to get in between continents. In real life if a plan needs a little extra range, they apply for a permit to add temporary fuel tanks for more range. However the game doesn’t have that, so i propose that their should be a way to apply for extra temporary tanks. I propose this system.

The plane must be on the ground.
On the transfer menu, at the bottom their is a button to acess extra range.
In this new transfer menu, their will be a list of airports that are within the range of extra tanks.
Each aircraft will have a certain amount of range that can be added through this airport.
The charge made for the extra tanks will be made depending on the ratio of

Added range + Normal range : Normal range.

Clicking on the airport they will be charged for the new tanks, the permit, and for the special permisions to do this.

Then that aircraft will wait 12-36 hours for simulation purposes.

Then after the decided amount of time the plane will start its flight to the desired destination out of the normal range. When the plane lands it will need 6-12 hours or so to uninstall the tank which will charge half the cost of what it cost to install in the first place. This should be done automatically.

SO here are basic requirements.

Runway length for orgin must be longer than the aircrafts normal runway requirement because it now has additional weight.

Time period to simulate getting a permit, installing tanks, and planing the route.

Time period to uninstall the tanks.

a ratio system to decide cost of this.

The plane must be able to be not active so it can be transfered.

Tell me what you think. I think this could be usefull expectially based to the used auction system, that would make it harder to decide where you can get your small aircraft from. This could be a usefull system and has reallism. THanks and plz comment

It´s better to schedule several stops to reach the HQ. We don’t have that.