What are the “sweet spots” for general marketing? I want to know because I’m stuck and I’m not entirely sure how to boost my awareness…

Well it depends on the form of marketing, but generally somewhere in the middle of the range of spending options gives the best return on investment. As the effectiveness of the marketing type increases, you need to spend more money to maintain a good ROI. And with all types, as spend increases towards the top of the range of options, ROI starts to level off.

But I spend lot of money on marketing and my awareness rise only 0.01pp per day for 4 weeks. As I wrote, before weeks I lost 7pp without any action and after that moment only minimum awareness rise.
I have a lot of money to buy planes but I dont want to buy them beceause of bug that cause minimum effect on awareness.
Sorry for bug you, but I lost about 15pp actually on awareness for 4 weeks.