Just a Suggestion - Foreign Operation Offices

In the game, you aren’t permitted to fly flights between two foreign countries (i.e. if I’m registered in SFO I can’t fly between Singapore and Munich), but I have a suggestion:

The Infrastructure tab is kind of useless right now apart from the headquarters space upgrade.

How about we include a function where you can register an “operations office” in a foreign country and then you can fly between the said countries? I see a couple ways how this might work:

  • Country - Country (Req. 1) >>> You register an office in one country and it serves the same purpose as your headquarters. Only one office is needed and you can fly anywhere from that country (i.e. using the same example, I only need to register an office in Singapore and then I can fly the Singapore-Munich route)
  • Country - Country (Req. 2) >>> You register an office in one country but it only permits international flights out of that country. In other words, if I want to fly Singapore to Munich, I need an office in Singapore (to fly to Munich) and an office in Munich (to fly back).
  • City - City >>> Same as idea number one, but each office only works on one city to prevent it from being too OP. For example, if I want to fly Singapore - Munich, I can have an office in Munich, but if I want to fly from Berlin TXL to, for example, Beijing PEK (my country of registration is SFO, United States), then I would need to register an office in either TXL or PEK.
  • City - City >>> Same idea as number two, but each office only works in one city. If I want to fly from Singapore to Munich, I need an office in both Singapore and Munich, and if I want to fly from TXL to PEK I need offices in both those airports as well.

Some other ideas:

  • Each office can only support X number of flights, anything more and you’ll have to upgrade the office

What do you think?

This is kind of in the plan to be implemented along with subsidiaries in order to “get around” the political restrictions just as many airlines in real life do. But it won’t be done for some time as there are other things we need to accomplish first. We also need to make sure the gameplay is well balanced and if this is implemented that the proper startup and operational costs are associated with it in order to prevent monopoly/domination by one or a few established airlines.

Thing is with this idea - then airlines are able to just go and set up a foreign operations office, and then what’s to stop them from basing themselves all over the world. That’s hardly realistic, as no airlines do that IRL.

In real life, what airlines do to fly between two foreign countries is fifth freedom flights, which should be implemented in the game imo, but we shouldn’t allow an unlimited number and the fifth freedom flights should definitely cost extra and possibly take some time to be “approved” or something

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Hello all,

I noticed some airlines are able to create routes between cities in countries that are not their home base. I understand some countries (UK, Netherlands, France, USA) have overseas territories that can be used for creating new routes. But I saw an example of a British airline that had routes between 2 different French cities…

In the current version of the game the UK is still part of the EU (that will be changing with the next update)

Any airline based in the EU can operate inter-EU flights between any member country.

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