Ah yes, alliances

I know the idea was brought up awhile ago but never actually implemented. Can we try implementing this sometime soon?

My vision looks like such. Codeshares are sort of complicated and not inline with the type of game AE is, but gate sharing (rather than half the space in dedicated gates, it should just be whatever portion of the dedicated gate isn’t being occupied should be available; of course as another member of the alliance one probably shouldn’t completely fill up the remaining space in case new lines are added) should be fine. Other features I’m thinking of is a dedicated Alliance tab where one can view all the routes of members in the alliance (preferably color-coded to match each airline) and, if an airline so chooses, a timetable of all scheduled flights within a timeframe (3-7 days, probably), to avoid having route competition.

With this idea comes numerous other ideas; I think we should be able to upload two liveries for alliance members if this idea is implemented (one for Airline livery and one for Alliance livery if one so chooses).

For the Alliance tab, each alliance should have a page just like any airline, like such features: a map of all of the routes (not labelled by airline, just the routes in standard white just in case a competing alliance wants to do anything sketchy), a list of the airports where dedicated gates are held, a list of participating Airlines, the combined fleet, the combined ridership, among others.

Also, I am thinking of an idea where each alliance may have their own “reputation”, but I’m not sure where it might be implemented. Perhaps this reputation may have a small effect (only positive, never negative) on each participating airline’s reputation? Like if you are participating in a well known alliance then it follows logically that your airline would have a better reputation too. An idea of how it may be implemented is (Percent of Alliance Reputation)*0.1+(Existing Airline Reputation) = (New Airline Reputation).

How Alliance Reputation may be calculated: (Average of the Existing Reputations of the top 5 Airlines in the Alliance)

In-game, the Existing Reputation can be called the Raw Reputation and the New Reputation should be called the Effective or the Scaled Reputation.

How about that? Let’s discuss.

Um… hi??

I’m not interested in alliances unless you guys implement aircraft selling within alliance and alliance gates.

Alliance gates I addressed like the remainder unoccupied dedicated gate space and aircraft selling ofc that could be an idea

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Alliances have been discussed before but are low priority right now.